The Via Ferrata of the Devil’s Bridge

Conquer the heights of Ardèche with the Via Ferrata of the Devil’s Bridge in Thueyts.

When we talk about Ardèche, we immediately think of its majestic gorges and the renowned canoe or kayak descents. However, few people know that Ardèche also offers a unique climbing experience: the “Devil’s Bridge” Via Ferrata. This via ferrata is undeniably one of the gems of the region, providing a splendid natural setting and an exceptionally interesting route. Join us on the footsteps of this hidden treasure of Ardèche, a breathtaking adventure blending hiking and climbing, sure to delight thrill-seekers.

Exploration of the Devil’s Bridge Via Ferrata

La plus belle Via Ferrata d'Ardèche

What is a “via ferrata”?

The Via Ferrata, which literally means “iron path” in Italian, is a specially equipped route within a rock face, incorporating cables, ladders, ramps, and various other devices designed to make your progression along the rock face smooth and secure. The key element ensuring optimal safety is the presence of a lifeline or handrail, allowing enthusiasts of this activity, commonly referred to as ferratists, to self-secure throughout their journey.

The two unique features of the Devil’s Bridge Via Ferrata are its idyllic location in the municipality of Thueyts, near Aubenas, and the fact that it is the first via ferrata in Ardèche. It is an ideal place for an introduction to climbing or a great playground for more experienced climbers, above the sparkling waters of the Ardèche. This exceptional location not only provides the thrill of climbing but also captivates with its natural beauty in every season.

Climb safely

Pont suspendu de la Via Ferrata de Thueyts en Ardèche

The magic of the Via Ferrata

Your adventure on the Pont du Diable will be punctuated by strong emotions, with thrilling zip lines, dizzying walkways, and even a suspension bridge to test your balance. It’s a real adrenaline-filled course above the beautiful Ardèche River. It invites you to immerse yourself in the landscapes, the built heritage, and the volcanism that bear witness to the fascinating past of this exceptional region.

Pont avec vue sur la chaussée des géants à Thueyts

An inheritance of inventiveness

Over the centuries, the inhabitants of Ardèche had to show great creativity to cross the river from one bank to the other. From rudimentary fords to stone bridges, including ingenious cables and baskets, each era brought its solution. This rich history inspired the creation of the Via Ferrata du Pont du Diable, the first of its kind in Ardèche.

Pont de singe de la Via Ferrata en Ardèche

A course in the heart of nature

It is nestled at the foot of a massive basalt flow, the Causeway of the Giants, originating from the volcano of Gravenne, which dominates the village of Thueyts. This accumulation of cooled lava rises to a height of 80 meters and is classified among the most beautiful Geosites of the Regional Natural Park of the Monts d’Ardèche. A gem for all adventurers seeking fresh air and challenges!

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The Via Ferrata of Thueyts is a must-try tourist activity in the region, especially popular during the summer. To avoid disappointments, we recommend booking in advance and arriving early in the morning at the starting point of the hiking trail. Let yourself be captivated by this unique experience in the heart of Ardèche, amidst wild nature and historical heritage.

Ferratistes Ardéchois

Fully live your adventure on the Via Ferrata

Tyrolienne de la Via Ferrata en Ardèche

A choice of exploration

Once on-site, you’ll have three options. You can take the trail to the right, leading you to the base of the route on the left bank, ascending a steep pillar overlooking the Ardèche. In the center, the cabled section allows you to bypass the lower part of the pillar and descend directly to the 90-meter zip line, leading to the start of the second part on the right bank of the Ardèche. Lastly, if you follow to the left and then to the right, a trail will guide you to the right bank, passing through the Devil’s Bridge. The second part begins with the Dien footbridge, followed by a short pillar of about thirty meters. A traverse along an easy path will lead you, after passing through a cave, to ascend a very steep wall. You will descend in traverse to reach the base of a vertical pillar, followed by another traverse on a path. Finally, the aerial but well-equipped terminal wall will lead you to the orientation table on the edge of the return path.

Enfant sur la Via Ferrata en Ardèche

Practical informations

    • Length of the Via Ferrata: 490 meters
    • Estimated duration: 2 hours
    • Equipment: helmet, harness, large-opening automatic locking carabiners, double speed pulley or track on a short lanyard, lanyard with absorber (equipment rental is possible from April to September at the Pavilion of Pont du Diable or at the Jardin Athogien all year round)
    • Advice for beginners: It is strongly recommended to book a guide to ensure your safety on this cabled route.

Two ways to access it: via RN 102 indication Via Ferrata/Pont du Diable and on foot from the village, 15 minutes on a landscaped trail along the basaltic flow.

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Ardèche has unforgettable adventures in store for you!
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To provide you with the best advice on the Via Ferrata of Pont du Diable in Thueyts, our team tested this unforgettable adventure for you. For the curious, our exclusive podcast reflects on our adventure and shares inspiring stories from ferratists, recounting their personal experiences on the Via Ferrata.

Since images always speak louder than words, discover our immersive video that will virtually take you on the unique Via Ferrata of Ardèche. We hope you’ll feel the adrenaline, the excitement of this sports adventure, and admire the beauty of the Ardèche nature! Get ready for an unparalleled sensory experience before planning your own journey to uncover this treasure.

At your service

Office de Tourisme Athogien

The Athogian Tourist Office:

During your visit to Thueyts and your exploration of the Via Ferrata of Pont du Diable, feel free to make a detour to the Tourist Office of Thueyts.

Located in the heart of the characterful village, the Tourist Office is the ideal place to get brochures, maps, and advice on must-see activities in Ardèche. You can also obtain information about the Via Ferrata schedule, equipment rental, and guides who can accompany you.

The Tourist Office team is there to help you plan an unforgettable experience in Thueyts, whether you are an experienced adventurer or a curious traveler in search of discoveries.

Village de thueyts

Address Book:

  • Office de Tourisme : 10 Rue Pouget, 07330 Thueyts+334 75 36 46 26
  • Le Jardin Athogien, 13 Rue Pouget – +334 75 36 41 38
  • La guinguette du Pont du diable, 1205 Rte du Pont du Diable – +336 42 35 43 23
  • Centre d’incendie et de secours : 1 rue de Paradis – +334 75 36 44 09
  • Gendarmerie : 380 avenue des Platanes – +334 75 36 40 80
  • Mairie : 8 Place du Champ de Mars – +334 75 36 41 08

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