Let’s not deceive ourselves, Ardèche is above all a land for food lovers! Throughout the year, its restaurateurs and producers work with the finest market products to offer you the most exquisite local dishes and delights for seasoned gourmets! Here, you will find our gastronomic selection of must-try culinary delights for your taste buds…

Who doesn’t dream of a delicious meal prepared with love and made from market-fresh ingredients? Whether you’re a fan of crispy bread, caillettes, criques, chestnuts, fruits, restaurants, bistros, or farm products… Here, you’re the chef! Click on the irresistible gastronomic delight that makes your mouth water to taste the authentic flavors of a holiday in Ardèche.




Artisans of taste

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Tommes de chèvre d'Ardèche

From the crate to the plate

They cultivate the land with passion! Whether they are market gardeners or farmers, chestnut growers or food processors, they carry in their hearts the concern for high-quality products that will delight the most discerning gourmets…


The taste of local

Throughout the year, their colorful stalls adorn our villages with a unique atmosphere! People meet, chat, there’s shouting, laughter, and the authentic local products are savored…

Marché de Thueyts


Restaurant Brioude

Bon appétit!

Dreaming of holidays in Ardèche filled with delicious meals? Whether you prefer restaurants, local bistros, fine dining, pastries, snacks or grabbing a quick pizza, find our best tasty addresses here…

Artisans of taste

Hands-on cooking

With traditional know-how, they craft bread, cakes, pastries, savory biscuits, and supply high-quality Ardèche products that will be transformed into future delights.

Baguette de pain frais faits en Ardèche

Gourmet agenda

Rôties de châtaignes d'ardèche

Let’s make an appointment…

In Ardèche, we delight in good products all year round, but we also take advantage of gourmet events to gather together: chestnut festivals (castagnades), potato festivals, blueberry festivals, apple festivals, “Ferme en Ferme” (Farm to Farm) events, and summer markets. There’s something for everyone’s taste!

To take away

A delight to take with you

For those in a hurry or food lovers who enjoy eating on the go during their hikes, here are our takeout addresses with good Ardèche products: fresh bread, sausages, cheese, ham, and other Ardèche delights…

Sandwich au jambon et saucisson

Flavorful shops

Pêches en filet, produits locaux en Ardèche

A well-filled basket

Since we’re thinking of food lovers and those curious about good Ardèche products, we invite you to discover our local shops. It’s a great way to find the finest market products, farm-fresh items, as well as explore local crafts, unique creations, and good local wines.

Farm visits

Generous by nature

Embark on a journey to meet our local producers! Appreciate their local expertise, share an agricultural experience with your family, learn more about the origins of your everyday products, or become more aware of the riches of nature.

Poussin en basse-cour


Crique de pomme de terre

Tried and approved!

In order to provide you with the best advice, our team has rolled up their sleeves and created the best recipes using our local products! Warning: the content can be extremely addictive for food lovers…