We read its history on the stone walls of our villages, we see its nature with its breathtaking landscapes of the Ardèche mountains, and we discover the richness of its culture in our museums. The heritage of Ardèche fascinates and transports with its unique beauty. Here, you can find the gems of our gentle Ardèche, to be discovered without moderation!

Who doesn’t dream of a breathtaking view of the mountains, of forests painted with autumn colors, or of secret waterfalls? Whether you’re more into nature or culture, architecture or natural wonders, museums or gardens, caves or castles – here, you’re in charge! Click on the type of heritage that piques your curiosity and discover our must-see attractions for a true Ardèche experience.





Art & Crafts


Caves & Museums

Bridges & small structures


Natural sites


Village de Barnas

Make yourself at home!

From secret mountain villages to iconic character-filled villages, here, the markets are lively, the streets are typically medieval, and ancient stones echo the colors of the old volcanoes. You’ll find remarkable villages in our region for your most enjoyable holidays in Ardèche.


Landscapes that warm the heart

Looking for exceptional panoramas? The volcanoes of Ardèche have sculpted generous curves in our landscape where the most beautiful sunsets spread out! Discover our volcanoes, basaltic flows, maars, and inspiring waterfalls that will make your stay unforgettable.

Orgues basaltiques dans la vallée du Lignon


visite en famille au Chastelas

Follow the guide!

Are you dreaming of holidays in Ardèche filled with discovery and a typical atmosphere? When we mention Ardèche stones, castles, winding streets, medieval hamlets by the river, does it spark a tangible curiosity in you? Don’t wait any longer, follow the guide for 100% local and 100% friendly guided tours!


Fall in love

They spring forth at the feet of volcanoes, along volcanic flows, or become ephemeral when the rains are abundant. Waterfalls… we set out to meet them like children in search of treasures, amazed by their power and beauty… And which one will you discover?

Cascade temporaire de la gueule d'Enfer à Thueyts en Ardèche

Arts and Crafts

Yzo sculpture

Gold in the hands

They are artists, artisans, or creators… they shape, paint, or sculpt works inspired by our landscapes and inspiring for those who admire them. Are you looking for local creations to take away an irreplaceable souvenir from here? You are in the right place, explore the worlds of our artists here…


Take some altitude…

The castles overlook the hills with timeless elegance! At their sight, we can already imagine ourselves as lords and conquerors because their stories both captivate and intrigue. In Ardèche, Le Lignon, or La Fontaulière, our castles offer an unbeatable view of our mountains and rivers…

Château de Ventadour

Grottoes, museums, and gardens

Grotte de la cocalière

Worlds to explore…

From natural caves to museums and gardens, Ardèche is full of real wonders for explorers in search of knowledge… Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with family, don’t miss these sites to discover right away!

Bridges and Small Structures

Attention to Detail…

Real, unconventional bridges between valleys, the bridges and small buildings of our villages stand in our landscapes as banners of their histories… Bealières, spinning mills, statues, engravings, and fountains, these memorable constructions are a challenge to uncover for the curious…

Jaujac - Le Pont Romain

Religious Heritage

Tympan de l'église de

A sacred beauty

Religious paths or sacred statues, churches with Romanesque curves or legendary bell towers, the religious heritage in Ardèche will surprise you with its sacred beauty. From the village squares to the heart of our mountains, the traces of our heritage are plentiful and delight architecture enthusiasts…

Natural sites

Nature’s treasures

How to talk about Ardèche without mentioning its natural sites? Waterfalls, basaltic flows, volcanoes, gours, rivers, and forests… Whether you want to explore them on hikes, with your family, or solo with a good book, don’t miss our natural gems here for an escape into nature!

Vue en ULM sur le magnifique Massif du Tanargue à La Souche en Ardèche