Thermalism in Ardèche

Explore wellness thermal tourism in the exceptional setting of Neyrac-les-Bains Thermal Baths. Enjoy thermal cures to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Immerse yourself in a cultural and relaxing experience, and discover the harmony between thermal water, quality treatments, and a serene environment.

The beneficial effects of thermal cures have been known since antiquity, when people discovered the importance of water as an essential element of human life and built the first civilizations near seas and rivers. Popularized, notably in Bath, England, thermal excursions and water treatments are accessible in Ardèche as well.

Thermal cures

Thermal Spa

Neyrac Thermal Baths

Thermal cures in Ardèche

Piscine thermale de Neyrac les Bains à Meyras en Ardèche avec bassin jets d'eau massants

Healing through water

In the early 21st century, water regained its significance due to the therapeutic experience of doctors and new studies in hydrology, pharmacology, and biochemistry. Thermal cures now have a preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative value in numerous medical conditions.

Thermal spa in Ardèche

A moment of well-being

Perhaps the most significant innovation in the field of thermalism is the fusion of the traditional concept of “cure” with the concept of well-being, leading to an extraordinary proliferation of parallel and complementary activities. A new form of thermal tourism is emerging, focused not only on physical and psychological improvement but also on a cultural and relaxing experience.

Spa, massages, bains bouillonnants, gommages aux thermes de neyrac les bains à meyras en ardèche

The Neyrac-les-Bains Thermal Baths

Indulge in some rejuvenation within the uniquely serene environment of Ardèche des Sources et Volcans. Take advantage of the exceptionally tranquil setting surrounding the spa town. The rivers, Ardèche, Fontaulière, Bourges, and Lignon, flow around the thermal station. In the vicinity of the thermal baths, explore the picturesque villages of Meyras, Thueyts, and Jaujac.

Piscine thermale en Ardèche

Thermal Cures in Neyrac-les-Bains

Thermalisme en Ardèche - soins mains, rhumatologie aux thermes de neyrac les bains à Meyras

Rheumatology Treatment

Discover the Rheumatology Treatment for a comprehensive approach to your joint and muscle pain. Thanks to the combined action of thermal agents (mud and thermal water), treatment techniques performed by qualified professionals, as well as accompanying activities such as gentle gymnastics and aqua aerobics, you will experience a significant improvement in your flexibility and joint range of motion.

Massage cure thermale

Dermatology Treatment

Ideal for people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and psoriatic rheumatism. The bicarbonate calcium and silicate-rich waters of Neyrac are particularly beneficial for these skin conditions. In addition to traditional thermal techniques, the use of Neyrac’s natural mud enhances the effectiveness of hydrotherapy in soothing irritations, restoring the epidermis, reducing the frequency of flare-ups, and promoting tissue healing.

 Spa, massages et soins aux thermes de neyrac les bains à meyras en ardèche - rhumatologie, dermatologie

Double orientation cure

Double orientation cure combines the benefits of rheumatology and phlebology. Thanks to the synergistic action of thermal agents (mud and thermal water) and the treatment techniques performed by our qualified staff, you can enjoy baths, jets, massages, and pool mobilization under the supervision of rheumatology physiotherapists, as well as phlebological care to counteract the adverse effects of heat.

Thermal mud

The Neyrac les Bains Thermal Baths offer a unique thermal mud treatment experience, which combines thermal water, clay, and mud. This technique is the result of over 20 years of practice in hydrotherapy and provides a noticeable reduction in pain, as well as a significant improvement in flexibility and joint mobility. The benefits of this method are undeniable for people suffering from joint or muscle pain.

Boue thermale

The Neyrac les Bains Thermal Resort also offer…

Bassin de la piscine thermale de neyrac les bains à meyras en ardèche, cures thermales et soins en ardèche

The thermal swimming pool

This wellness area is dedicated to healthy leisure and well-being, providing you with an unforgettable experience. The water used in the pool is thermal water extracted from the mineral spring exclusive to the Neyrac-les-Bains Thermal Baths. So, try the spa circuit! Access the thermal pool with swan necks, a Jacuzzi, stimulating circulation lanes, KNEIPP baths (alternating hot/cold), a vaporarium, and a sauna.

Neyrac ciné, cinéma aux thermes de neyrac les bains à meyras en ardèche - séances de cinéma curistes en ardèche

Neyrac Cinema

For each cure session, every Wednesday, the Thermes cinema offers free film screenings for the spa guests. The film’s theme changes each week, providing a fresh experience and enjoyment. Looking for some entertainment during your spa treatment? Find the program for upcoming sessions in the agenda…

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