Chestnut of Ardèche

Fruit of our mountains that has nourished the people of Ardèche for centuries, the delicious fresh chestnut delights with its flavorful palette.

Since the 13th century, the cultivation of chestnuts, or “castaniculture,” has been perfected to select the most resistant and flavorful varieties. Also known as the “bread tree,” the chestnut tree and its fruit serve as the foundation for the sustenance of people in many forms.

Miracle fruit!

Confiture de châtaignes d'Ardèche

A gustative Swiss army knife

The chestnut is an ultra-versatile fruit! It adapts and transforms itself: whether as candied chestnuts (since the 17th century), as flour (gluten-free!) for making delicious cakes, breads, or through the essential “Coupe ArdĂ©choise” with chestnut cream accompanied by vanilla ice cream.

Tarte à la châtaigne Lou Pisadou

A delicious tradition

Do you know the Pisadou? A cake created in 1994 with a soft and crunchy sweetness. It consists of a shortcrust pastry, a base of rum-flavored frangipane, chestnut cream, and crushed whole chestnuts, all topped with an almond biscuit, the dacquoise. But shh! Its exact recipe is kept secret.
Rôtie de châtaignes d'Ardèche pendant les castagnades

The gourmet rendezvous

The Chestnut Festivals, or “Castagnades,” are a must in Ardèche!

It’s the perfect opportunity to combine indulgence and discovery of chestnuts in all their forms: roasted, as flour, in cakes, jams, or even syrup!

Our producers and artisans are on-site with their delicious local products to taste, along with plenty of entertainment…

Everything, everything, everything, you will know everything about the chestnut…

bogues de châtaigniers à Montpezat

An ancestral treat

The oldest known fossilized chestnut in Europe was discovered in an ancient volcanic crater lake in 1994 by the Ardèche paleontologist Bernard Riou. It dates back to the Upper Miocene, around 8 million years ago. It is exhibited along with chestnut leaves from the same period at the Ardèche Museum in Balazuc.

Jeu de ramassage de châtaignes

A true heroine!

Did you know that it single-handedly saved the entire Ardèche from famine in the 19th century? That’s why the chestnut tree is nicknamed the “bread tree” because its fruit was the key ingredient in bread, flour, and other dishes. The tree provided litter, fodder, firewood, as well as wood for construction, tannin for textile dyes… in short, a real superhero, this chestnut tree!

portrait des propriétaires de la ferme du chey

Meeting of enthusiasts

Frédéric and Michèle are chestnut growers at Ferme du Chey in Mayres. We went to meet them to discover their magnificent 3.5-hectare chestnut grove.

Throughout the year, they offer public tours of their farm in addition to their production activities and unique accommodations: the yurt on-site provides a night in a unique setting!

Chestnut Festival atmosphere

Let’s take you on a tour to Jaujac for the 2022 edition of Castagnades, organized by the Regional Natural Park of the Monts d’Ardèche: a pure moment of conviviality to celebrate chestnuts and autumn!

Hollowed out, peeled, then cooked and roasted, or even in pancakes, don’t miss your tasting of this CĂ©vennes delicacy on the spot…