Tucked in the heart of the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park, Burzet is one of the “hidden gem” villages in our Ardèche mountains…

Located just 25 kilometers from Aubenas, this village, labeled as a “Green Resort,” enjoys a high quality of life within its small cocoon surrounded by springs, waterfalls, and young volcanoes. Home to just over 522 inhabitants (known as Burzetins and Burzetines), it is situated at an altitude of 530 meters. With a sporty heart, the village hosts events such as the Ardèche Rally, which starts in Burzet. This famous competition, initiated by the Monte-Carlo Rally, gathers automobile enthusiasts each year. It also hosts the cycling event called the “Grimpée de Burzet” every August.

What awaits you…

Montée vers la tour de l'horloge de Burzet

A mystical ascent

Between the winding streets leading from the medieval part of the village, make your way to the Clock Tower via the Path of the Fairies. This iconic location, resembling a scene from a movie, is also one of the most unique free-access climbing sites in our region!

Châtaignes dans leur bogue à La Souche

A tribute to indulgence

Burzet has lent its name to an excellent variety of chestnut known as the “Burzette” or sometimes called “Roussette” or “Pastourelle.” With its beautiful brownish-red color, its tender and sweet flesh allows for efficient drying and imparts a unique taste.

Marché des lundis du terroir et des savoirs de Burzet

The gourmet meeting place

Aaaah, the summer market in Burzet!

“Les lundis du terroir et des savoirs” is the perfect opportunity to combine gourmet delights and discovery!

Meet our local producers and artisans, enjoy great local products, and most importantly, there are various activities like open-air cinema, circus workshops, artisan demonstrations…

For history enthusiasts…

Gîte et ruelle pavée à Burzet

Lords, oh Lord

Lose yourself in the cobbled streets of the Middle Ages and discover old Burzet: the remnants of the feudal castle, houses that bear the imprint of medieval times, and the old artisan shops.

Baignade au Verdier à Burzet

An invaluable heritage

From the Chapel of Saint Bénezet (a tribute to the famous Benoît Chautard, a shepherd from Burzet who built the Pont d’Avignon) to the calvary, which is unique in Europe with its 32 granite oratories (stations), and up to the Virgin of Burzet, the architecture bears witness to the village’s very pious past!

Le village de Burzet depuis la Tour de l'Horloge

Heart of the Village: the Town Hall

Whether you’re a resident or just curious to learn more about the town, the town hall is here to assist you!

Where is it located? 22 Grand Rue, 07450 BURZET

How can you contact them? 04 75 94 43 91