The clock tower

It proudly stands on the heights of the village, and one could feel like in a James Bond setting.

This clock tower was built in 1906, using local stones on the site of the old medieval castle. From the top of the tower, the Comtoise clock chimes every hour and half-hour and is wound once a week.

Back in time…

Tour de l'horloge deBurzet

Winding the clock hands

The origin of the construction of the tower dates back to 1905, initiated by a wealthy resident of Burzet. During the separation of Church and State, no longer wishing to read the republican time on the church bell tower, he had this clock built.

Mécanisme de la tour de l'horloge

The Ardèche quarter-hour

Others say that the municipal employee of the time, responsible for winding the counterweights of the mechanism, would inquire about the exact time at the village post office every week. If he was delayed on his way to the tower, he would adjust the time with a slight delay.

Mécanisme de l'horloge de Burzet

In the gears…

The clock mechanism is an equality wind system (a fairly rare system that allows the hands to move every 10 seconds). It was installed (an option that was quite expensive at the time) on clocks with external dials that were highly exposed to the wind. It was manufactured in the workshops of Louis Delphin Odobey in Morez (Jura) and likely dates back to the 1900s.

The expertise in clock and artistic mechanical craftsmanship is classified on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Summer pleasures…

Visite de la tour de l'horloge de Burzet

In the heart of the tower

All summer long, embark on the discovery of the clock tower in Burzet. Didier Hervois offers free guided tours upon reservation in 15 minutes (minimum 2 persons due to cramped access).

Marché de Burzet

Mondays of local flavors and knowledge

You will find this market of producers and artisans, as well as free tastings of products, demonstrations of knowledge, refreshments, entertainment, outdoor cinema, and other surprises…

Escalade à la tour de l'horloge

Around the tower

Discover the equipped site for climbing at all levels, open access throughout the year with the recommended use of a helmet.

The ascent, facing west in the heart of the village, on the picturesque clock tower site, offers around twenty routes.

How to get there? From the Market Square, go up Rue de la Placette, quickly turn left onto Rue de la Calade. Then continue left, taking Rue de la Tour. On your left, follow the small path made of stone steps until you reach a small flowery garden that must be crossed to reach a gate that closes the reception area.

Technical details: Minimum height: 20 m / Maximum height: 25 m

Number of routes: 25 from 4c to 6b / Difficulty: 4c to 6a+

Exposure: South-Southwest / Rock: Granite

Type of climbing: Single-pitch: Crimps, crack / Equipment: Fixed bolts

Developer(s): G. Trouillas / Site equipped by CDFFME07.

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