Ardèche is a playground for extraordinary adventures: hiking, cycling, swimming, running, climbing, canoeing, canyoning, treetop adventure parks, and even fishing…

Indeed, our department is teeming with diverse experiences for those who crave the outdoors! Whether you explore its landscapes on foot, by bike, in the air, in its rivers, or on leisurely strolls, Ardèche will leave you with a desire to return. Here, you’ll find a compilation of the best activities not to be missed during your visit.


Cycling / Mountain Biking



Animal Experiences

Rope Sports

Whitewater Adventures


In the Air



Wellness & Spa


Randonnée en automne

Exploring the footsteps of volcanoes…

For all the wilderness enthusiasts, eager to explore the breathtaking landscapes of the ancient volcanoes and mountains of Ardèche. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls or challenging hikes, solo discovery or accompanied by your tribe, you’ll find here our selection of hiking trails in Ardèche that you shouldn’t miss!

Cycling / Mountain Biking

Vélo et vtc en campagne

We’re taking it easy

For both beginners and regular riders, pedal gently along our dedicated cycling paths: follow the gentle trails and slopes for an Ardèche discovery at your own pace.

VTT sur le massif du Tanargue


For lovers of landscapes and outdoor thrills, our accessible mountain biking circuits and paths will take you on a terrain adventure: through the hearts of our villages, cobblestone streets, forests, and even across volcanic ridges…

Les pieds dans l’eau

Do you dream of swimming in the midst of nature? Dive into the pristine beauty of our rivers, enjoy the unique view of basaltic organ formations, our villages, or the incomparable setting of our beaches…

Baignade dans la rivière du lignon à Fabras

With animals…

Cheval et âne

Alongside our animal friends

Embark on hikes or bivouac adventures with a donkey in stunning landscapes, go on an equestrian ride, or try a themed half-day workshop. Meet familiar yet astonishing animals at a family-friendly wildlife park, on a farm, or by delving into beekeeping! Discover the approach that suits you best to create unforgettable moments with our four-legged friends.


La Gravenne, trail de la chaussée des géants

Trails and Circuits

Looking to discover Ardèche in a different way? Escape with long strides on our most beautiful running circuits: panoramic views from the Tanargue heights, through the broom-covered valleys, or along the paths of ancient volcanoes…

Balise de course d'orientation en haut du Chastelas

Orienteering Courses

It all starts with a challenge: who can find all the markers first! Whether you’re with family or friends, from beginners to experts, have fun! Punch your cards at the various markers along the course and become the master of orienteering…

Rope Sports

Via ferrata du pont du diable à Thueyts

Via Ferrata

As the first and only Via Ferrata in Ardèche, it will allow you to defy gravity and experience new thrills, all while being harnessed above the Ardèche River. Over a two-hour course, you’ll make your way along the rocky cliffs, traverse the suspension bridge, and finish with a zip line, from one side of the river to the other… Guaranteed thrills and sensational panoramas!

Escalade de la tour de l'horloge de Burzet


For all rope adventurers who want to elevate their experience, our climbing sites are waiting for you to show you a different side of Ardèche… With open and free access, discover our iconic sites that will make you understand why you put on the harness in the first place…

Via ferrata tyrolienne vue du dessous

Our Partners

Our partner professionals accompany you in numerous sports activities, from the heights of Ardèche cliffs to spelunking descents in caves or even tree climbing in our forests… Let passionate instructors guide you in your exploration of the Monts d’Ardèche Natural Park.

Water Sports

canoë kayak sur la rivière ardèche sur le chassezac


You shiver at the thought of hearing the river’s sound, of admiring unique views of the cliffs or the Cévennes’ wildlife and flora? Whether you’re gentle with the paddle or eager to descend the Gorges of the Ardèche, the Chassezac, or the Eyrieux Valley on rapids, we’ll tell you everything about how to make your perfect canoeing trip a success.



Nestled amidst the Monts d’Ardèche, the canyons and valleys are a true treasure trove to awaken your senses! Immerse yourself in the hidden beauty of our mountains: swim, jump, climb, slide, and try a new sport that combines freshness and camaraderie!

Canyoning en Ardèche

Our Partners

Masters of our waterways, our partner professionals take you on the joys of whitewater sports! Canoeing, canyoning, rafting, paddle – have fun creating dynamic Ardèche memories!

Guilty Pleasure

Dreaming of serenity and vast landscapes? Settle by the riverside, near lakes, or downstream from mountain streams for an unforgettable fishing adventure. Whether it’s leisurely or a passionate pursuit, the rich Ardèche fauna will delight many: authentic brown trouts, minnows, bullheads, crayfish, and barbels… find here the best advice for combining fishing and conservation.

Pêche sur le Lignon à La Souche

In the Air…

Take Flight

To soar over breathtaking landscapes and experience a moment as a bird! From discovery flights to prestige flights, from children’s flights to thrilling flights, whether it’s above the Massif du Tanargue, Col de Meyrand, or in Southern Ardèche, our passionate and experienced instructors will be there to guide you during this special moment…


Excursions & Getaways

Anamorphose sur l'abbaye de Mazan en Ardèche dans le Parc Naturel régional des monts d'Ardèche


For half a day or a full day, explore the best routes in Ardèche! From Mont Gerbier de Jonc to our Monts d’Ardèche and the legendary Pont d’Arc, our partner providers safely take you on this adventure filled with heritage, local culture, and landscapes…

Chambre d'hôtes La Calade dans le village de Chirols en Ardèche


What’s better than a carefully prepared discovery of Ardèche for you? By choosing one of our thematic getaways, treat yourself to unique vacations: fishing, relaxation & spa, local heritage tours…


Atelier yoga avec Lotus Power à Péreyres en Ardèche

Wellness Activities

Need relaxation and disconnection? Enjoy zen Ardèche: yoga, personal development, meditation, aromatherapy, or even sensory walks in nature… our wellness partners offer you cocooning moments in an exceptional setting!

Piscine thermale en Ardèche

Wellness & Spa

Because we know you deserve to be pampered, here are our top addresses for wellness & spa moments: Californian massages, bubble baths, body & facial scrubs, thermal pools… here, we know how to take care of you!