Treasure Hunts

Feeling like challenges and discoveries?

Explore the enigmatic treasure hunts of Jaujac, Meyras, and Thueyts! A captivating journey into the heart of Ardèche, where adventure meets local heritage. A friendly experience for families and solo travelers alike, combining discovery, puzzles, and unforgettable memories. In these picturesque villages, every street holds unknown treasures, waiting for you to uncover them. Pick up your maps at the Tourist Office, immerse yourself in the intrigue, and embark on an adventure where heritage becomes the backdrop of your quest.

Discover the treasure hunts of the picturesque Ardèche villages.

Bienvenue en Ardèche

Ready for Adventure?

Whether you’re a geocaching enthusiast, a local history buff, or a budding tribe of explorers, these treasure hunts offer an authentic and entertaining experience. Explore the alleyways, admire the murals, or follow the trails of the young Ardèche volcanoes. Each step is an opportunity to discover Ardèche in a playful and immersive way.

So, lace up your walking shoes, add a dash of good humor, and get ready to experience unique moments.


Treasure Hunt in Jaujac

Come test your powers of observation in the heart of the picturesque village of Jaujac! Whether with family, friends, or solo, follow the eye-shaped markings to solve the puzzles of this one-hour treasure hunt. Pick up your maps for free at the Tourist Office and set off in search of clues. Your reward? Beautiful family memories!

Relais des muletiers

Treasure Hunt in Meyras

Explore the secrets of the picturesque village of Meyras in a different way by testing your powers of observation! Follow the hidden blue eyes scattered throughout the village to solve the mysteries of the game. These markers will guide you to answer the questions located on the back of the map. Pick up your free “Treasure Hunt” game card at the Tourist Office and discover the answers on the panel facing the Relais des Muletiers.


Treasure Hunt in Thueyts

In the heart of the picturesque village of Thueyts, test your powers of observation by following the clues scattered throughout the treasure hunt. Pick up your maps for free at the Tourist Office and head to each orange-numbered marker shaped like an eye to uncover the hidden treasures of the village. A fun activity to discover Thueyts in a new way!

Also worth exploring

Jeunes volcans d'Ardèche

The 7 young volcanoes of Ardèche

Explore the most beautiful volcanic sites in Ardèche through seven captivating trails, discovering imposing basalt flows, ancient craters, and waterfalls. Obtain your Explorer badge by stamping the Pass’Explorer des Jeunes Volcans d’Ardèche on the designated markers at each volcano. Collect your reward badge at the Tourist Offices in the relevant areas (after visiting 3 volcanic sites).

Fresque Ă  Meyras

Les fresques de Meyras

Stroll through the heart of the picturesque village of Meyras and admire the 12 scenes of daily life in the 20th century, painted by the artist Alain Royer. As a bonus, for the most adventurous among you, you will find a 13th fresco at the Thermes de Neyrac-les-Bains. Pick up the free map of the Meyras frescoes route at the Tourist Offices for an artistic and immersive walk.