Via Ardèche

The gentle cycle path heading south through the department

This route, specifically designed for cyclists, was created following the rehabilitation of two former railway lines in the southern Vivarais region, including the old Line from Le Teil to Alès. There are several places along the route where you can rent and repair bikes, as well as rollerblades and scooters, providing a variety of options for enjoyment!

Pedal along the river, through towns, typical villages, and the magnificent landscapes of Ardèche: Lalevade d’Ardèche, Aubenas, VogĂĽĂ©, Vallon Pont d’Arc, and Balazuc allow cyclists to combine sports activities with cultural discoveries.

Embark on the Via Ardèche

Vélo sur la via ardèche à l'automne, activités sportives de plein air en ardèche

An unique experience

The Via Ardèche is a great cycling route in southern Ardèche specially designed for cycling enthusiasts! It provides an unparalleled experience with its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and numerous outdoor activities nearby. With a total route of 53 km, the Via Ardèche offers you a unique opportunity to explore Southern Ardèche in a different way.

Plage de la Clape, spot de baignade à Lalevade d'Ardèche

Infinite possibilities for sightseeing

On your journey, Ardèche will reveal itself to you through some of its must-visit places, including its picturesque villages: Jaujac, Meyras, Ailhon, Balazuc, VogĂĽĂ©, Banne, Chassiers, Labeaume, Saint-Laurent-Sous-Coiron, and Vinezac. Its natural and tourist sites: the basalt flows of Jaujac, the PaĂŻolive forest, the Aven d’Orgnac, Chauvet 2 Cave, the Ardèche and Chassezac Gorges. Take a break to try another outdoor activity like hiking, canoeing, or swimming!

Calopteryx xanthostoma (le Caloptéryx occitan), libellule, nature proche de la via ardèche à lalevade d'ardèche

Via Ardèche – Nature Trail

The Via Ardèche itineraries are accessible to cyclists of all levels, from beginners to experienced riders, as they have slopes with less than 5% gradient and are designed to have a gentle elevation.

The second advantage? Discover the surrounding nature of the Geopark of the Monts d’Ardèche, the Gorges de l’Ardèche, and the Chassezac, all in a gentle and respectful way! By taking these gentle paths, your quest for discovery will lead you through picturesque villages, natural sites, shops, and encounters with the local fauna and flora!

Ardèche goes green… by bike!

Voies douces vélos en ardèche comme la via ardèche

A peaceful and safe environment

Enjoying the Via Ardèche means taking on secure and car-free cycling routes. But it’s not just for cyclists! Outdoor enthusiasts, walkers, picnickers, or curious explorers will all appreciate this peaceful and safe environment to enjoy the Ardèche countryside and nature.

Pique nique en Ardèche, proche via ardèche et voies vélos, voies vertes

Enjoying pleasant moments together

Do vacations taste better when you take your time? Treat yourself by sharing a picnic with your family, relaxing by the river, or trying a local restaurant. Throughout the route, you’ll find several shops nearby to savor the best of Ardèche!
Voie douce cyclable, via ardèche à lalevade, activités sportives familles en ardèche

Via Ardèche – Sources & Volcans

These routes can be used by cyclists of all levels, from beginners to experienced, as they are generally flat and without difficulty. Greenways can also be a source of sustainable tourism for the small towns and villages they pass through, boosting the local economy with visitors seeking exploration.

There are many greenways around the world, each offering a unique experience for users. Some are long, allowing for considerable distances to be covered, while others are shorter and more suitable for a day of activity.

A feast for the senses

The Via Ardèche is also a popular destination for families with children, thanks to its secure bike paths and numerous playgrounds for the little ones. Visitors can rent bikes at various points along the route or bring their own to explore the region.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Via Ardèche is also a popular choice for food enthusiasts. The villages along the route offer a variety of restaurants and bars, with culinary options ranging from local specialties such as truffles and cheeses to more international dishes.

Caillette et saucisson d'Ardèche

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