Follow the guide! We take you on a journey to discover the Ardèche of Sources & Volcanoes during our guided tours.

From June to September, discover or rediscover the history and heritage of our villages. Enjoy these tours to appreciate the picturesque and unique charm of the villages of Jaujac and Thueyts, labeled as characterful villages, as well as the thermal site of Neyrac-les-Bains.





Other visits

Jaujac: Character Village

Visite de Jaujac

A Medieval and Volcanic Journey

Surrounded by the Cévennes hills, the village of Jaujac is nestled between the youngest volcano in the Monts d’Ardèche and its extensive volcanic flows.

It piques curiosity with the presence of several castles and fortified houses, as well as the unique beauty of its UNESCO Geopark Monts d’Ardèche geosites.

On Fridays, from June to September, our tour takes you through its cobbled streets, its medieval Chastelas district, and along the Lignon River with its basaltic flows.

Jaujac - Le Pont Romain
Village de Jaujac vu du Chastelas

Thueyts: Character Village

An adventure in the footsteps of giants

Between the mountains and the Ardèche valley, Thueyts is located on a basaltic platform known as the “Chaussée des Géants,” overlooking the Ardèche River.

Let yourself be charmed by its legendary natural site of the “Pont du Diable,” the beauty of its Renaissance houses, and along the ridges of its volcano, La Gravenne.

On Tuesdays, from June to September, our guided tour takes you along its viewpoints with breathtaking views of the Ardèche River, its old stone village adorned with frescoes and fountains…

Visites commentées du village de caractère de thueyts sur la place des cocons
Visites commentées du village de caractère de Thueyts en ardèche, passage du fabricou
Site naturel du Pont du diable depuis Belvédère de l'échelle du roi à Thueyts en ardèche, visites commentées du village et randonnées

Neyrac-les-Bains: the thermal resort

Site thermal de neyrac les bains et son parc thermal à meyras en ardèche

The thermal spa experience

Travel back in time in Neyrac-les-Bains! Explore the geological history and the origins of this countryside thermal spa, which was already cherished by the Romans. Uncover the secrets and anecdotes of the place, illustrated by the photo memories of its residents. A must-see for both spa-goers and local history enthusiasts.

Meyras: Character Village

Between Arts & Crafts

In the heart of the Ardèche Mountains, the village of Meyras reveals its medieval and volcanic character, let yourself be transported back in time!

Be charmed by its Grand Rue, its unique stone alleys, and its frescoes depicting the crafts of yesteryears in Ardèche…

Every Monday in July and August, the unforgettable Dédé l’Ardéchois takes you on a tour of his beloved village with 100% local anecdotes.

La Grand rue, dans le centre du village de caractère de meyras en ardèche
Fresque de la St Blaise dans le village de caractère de Meyras en Ardèche - visites, randonnées, métiers d'arts ardéchois
Visites guidées du village de caractère de Meyras avec dédé l'ardéchois, andré rouy, guide local en Ardèche

Other visits: castles, museums, caves, gardens…

Grotte de la cocalière

Discover the treasures of Ardèche

Why not take advantage of your vacation in Ardèche to explore other worlds? Dive into the underground realm by visiting caves like the must-see Chauvet 2 Cave, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or the Cocalière Cave with its little train.

Prefer history? Visit the eco-museum of Chirols to delve into Ardèche’s social and industrial heritage or explore our incredible castles… So many ways to escape and marvel in Ardèche, thanks to its unique natural and cultural heritage: museums, animal parks, exhibitions, remarkable gardens, art workshops…

Find our selection of unique experiences just for you here!

intérieur des collections d'objets romains dans le musée Muséal - site antique du village de caractère d'Alba la romains en Sud Ardèche
Château du Pin