Let yourself be charmed by the characterful village of Thueyts! Perched on a basalt platform, it gives those curious enough to explore its landscapes and old town a typically Ardèche sense of freedom…

Between the mountain and the Ardèche Valley, the river flows at its feet, crossed by its famous Devil’s Bridge, an exceptional natural site filled with legends… On its heights, venture to the volcano, La Gravenne, and admire the Ardèche mountains on the horizon…

What awaits you…

Rue mercière dans le village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche

The old town of Thueyts

Thueyts leaves a distinct imprint in the eyes of those who discover it. Its architecture is characterized by medieval alleys with appreciable freshness, adorned with Renaissance houses and historic residences. Just look up to come across small treasures of history and architecture: the former house of the notary Eschallier, the residence of the Lords of Goys on Mercière Street. You will also find the Gast House in the Les Higoux district, a Renaissance house on Haute Street, and the Tourvieille House on Fountain Square. Along its streets, numerous colorful, unique doors of various shapes can be found, adorned with beautiful ironwork!

Le Pont du Diable et sa vallée de l'ardèche, dans le village de caractère de thueyts en Ardèche - site naturel de baignade incontournable

The Devil’s Bridge

“Le Pont du Diable” gets its name from a local medieval legend and is marked by the iconic beauty of its site, overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Ardèche. The legend tells that after building this bridge, the influence of the devil extended over the abyss, the entire valley where his temptation led souls to sin. Indeed, boys, tempted to reach the other side of the river where the beautiful girls of Thueyts were, would slip into the abyss, caught by the devil and deceived by their guilty loves… It is said that during strong winds, one can still hear the desperate cries of the damned who fell into the devil’s abyss and its cursed waters… Whether to believe in the legend or not, it’s easy to understand why this setting inspires feelings of love!

The via ferrata

Attention thrill-seekers, the ideal playground between rock and water awaits you at the Via Ferrata of the Devil’s Bridge! It invites you to a surprising course in a breathtaking setting with a monkey bridge, Nepalese bridge, and zip line. You have two options:

– Free access with equipment rental directly at the pavilion or in the village (at Jardin Athogien).

– With one of our partner guides (recommended for beginners).

  • Activités et sports de cordes : Pont suspendu via Ferrata de l'Ardèche à Thueyts, village de caractère

The Giants’ Causeway and its ladders

Chaussée des Géants, géosite du géoparc des Monts d'Ardèche - coulée basaltique volcanique dans le village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche

Legends from here and volcanic past

The Giants’ Causeway, which could be confused with the one observable in Ireland, is also an exceptional volcanic site! You can admire this impressive basaltic flow from the Gueule d’Enfer viewpoint, at the entrance of the village towards Puy en Velay. Created by eruptions from the Gravenne volcano, it majestically rises 80 meters above the Devil’s Bridge and its valley.

Make it your must-visit spot for swimming and hiking! At its starting point, two circuits await you: the “Ladder of the King” (an astonishing staircase carved into the basalt cliff) and the “Ladder of the Queen” (215 majestic steps at the foot of the basaltic flow) – towards Fargebelle, an old abandoned hamlet of Thueyts.

Randonnée à l'échelle du roi vers le pont du diable, site naturel et culturel dans le village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche
Randonnée de l'Échelle du roi dans le village de caractère de thueyts en ardèche - visites et randos ardèche

The permanent trail

As a land of sports, the permanent trail of the Giants’ Causeway will provide a challenge for the more athletic individuals with 3 courses of 10, 20, and 51 km with attractive elevations…

  • Trail de la Chaussée des Géants, compétition de courses dans le village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche
  • trail de la chaussée des géants sur le pont du diable, patrimoine naturel et culturel dans le village de caractère de Thueyts
  • Trail de la Chaussée des Géants avec la traversée du pont du diable, site naturel du village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche

For history enthusiasts…

Visites commentées du village de caractère de thueyts sur la place des cocons

Cocoons to cherries: a whole story!

Like Meyras, a characterful village known for its mural paintings, Thueyts also has two murals depicting its heritage. At Place des Cocons, the sericulture past (silkworm farming) is portrayed, as well as the agricultural tradition related to the trade of red fruits, especially cherries, sold in remarkable quantities, reaching up to 50 tons.

Chapelle St Roch dans le village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche

Chapelle Saint-Roch, a Mexican flair

In its white attire under the sun, the Saint-Roch Chapel seems to come straight out of a much more southern setting. From the original Celtic oratory to the chapel dedicated to St. Roch under Louis XV, it overlooks the village from its volcanic promontory.

Saucissons sur le marché de Thueytx

The gourmet rendezvous

Every Friday morning throughout the year, food enthusiasts will have the pleasure of bringing back local specialties and fresh products from the Thueyts market.

In the summer, an additional market takes place on Tuesday in the late afternoon, where some artisans and producers offer their local products.

Rue de la fontaine dans le vieux bourg du village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche

Heart of the village: the town hall

Whether you are a resident or curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is here to assist you!

Where is it located? 8 Place du Champ de Mars, 07330 Thueyts

How to contact them? +33 4 75 36 41 08