Local all the way!

In the terraces, plains, and along the riverbanks of our four valleys – Ardèche, Lignon, Bourges, and Fontaulière – the diverse and advantageous landscapes offer a wealth of opportunities for producers. Here, good food is an institution, and fortunately, our region is full of local producers who share the products they cultivate with us.

The gourmet’s best tips…

Fromages de chèvre

Short food chain: let’s talk!

From field to plate, and even in your pots and pans, local products are a source of inspiration and joy. And when you can meet the producers, it’s the ultimate taste experience.

Marché de Thueyts

The market is sacred!

As a place of conviviality par excellence, market stalls showcase their most vibrant colors according to the seasons! The added bonus of markets is the opportunity to meet the producers. Yes, it’s what makes the atmosphere of these mornings so unique.

Jus de fruits au Marché de producteurs de Chirols

Our gourmet events

Throughout the year in our region, taste buds are in celebration!

From the Castagnades (chestnut festival) to the apple festival in Prades, the potato festival in Thueyts, the blueberry festival in Péreyres, and the “De Ferme en Ferme” event, Ardèche invites you to indulge in the delicious local products in various ways. There are a thousand reasons and ways to savor the finest local products during your outings.

For farm visits…

Chèvres de la Ferme du Clos de Bonnaud

The Clos Bonnaud Farm

Get lost in the cobbled streets of medieval Burzet and discover the old town: the remains of the feudal castle, houses that bear the imprint of medieval times, and the old workshops of artisans.


The Chey Farm

From the Saint Bénezet Chapel (a tribute to the famous Benoît Chautard, a shepherd from Burzet who built the Avignon Bridge) to the unique Calvary with its 32 granite oratories (stations), and all the way to the Virgin of Burzet, the architecture bears witness to the village’s devout past.

Safran d'Ardèche

The precious spice

This botanical gem, with its subtle aromas and numerous medicinal properties, thrives wonderfully in our Ardèche Mountains, in the heart of local saffron fields.

Ardèche saffron is the product of local agriculture, harvested and hand-trimmed to preserve its fragility and maintain its flavors.