Orienteering races

Looking for a family discovery experience or a challenging sports challenge?

Come and explore the beautiful Ardèche region through our exciting orienteering courses! Grab the course map and a compass, and set off to find the checkpoints scattered along the route. Test your adaptability and orientation skills by locating the strategic waypoints as quickly as possible. The stopwatch will be your only judge, and the one who achieves the best time will be declared the winner.

Discover orienteering courses in Ardèche

Borne de course d'orientation à Jaujac en Ardèche

Principle of the courses

Like a real-life treasure hunt, orienteering involves discovering checkpoints by following the route of your choice using a special orienteering map and, optionally, a compass. Your goal is to mark your visit to each checkpoint by punching the corresponding boxes on your map.

Essential equipment for a successful orienteering race

Chaussures de courses, courses d'orientation en ardèche

A good pair of sneakers

Make sure to have comfortable and nature-appropriate running shoes. The choice of suitable footwear is essential to enhance your experience during orienteering races. Take care of your feet by selecting the right shoes, allowing you to fully focus on the exciting challenges and discoveries ahead.


A compass

Use a compass for precise navigation. You can also use the one on your phone if it has a compass feature. It will be your guide to locating the checkpoints and staying on the right course.

Carte parcours orientation

The course map

Acquire the detailed course map. Learn to decipher the symbols and colors specific to orienteering. The map will provide you with precise information about the location of the checkpoints and the waypoints to follow.

Gourde de randonnées, idéale pour les randonnées et courses d'orientation en Ardèche

A water bottle

Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout your course. Bring a water bottle to keep yourself cool and hydrated, especially during longer races or in hot weather.


A stopwatch

If you want to challenge yourself and improve your performance, bring a stopwatch to measure your time. Try to push yourself in each race and beat your own records.

Fun and sporty

Discover the beauty of Ardèche through our exciting orienteering courses. Whether you’re with family, friends, or going solo, this fun and sporty activity will allow you to experience unique adventures. Choose your level of difficulty, prepare with the right equipment, and embark on exploring the stunning landscapes of Ardèche. Trust your compass, follow the map, and punch each checkpoint on your route. Are you ready to take on the challenge of orienteering in Ardèche?

Course d'orientation en famille