In the heart of the Monts d’Ardèche, the village of Meyras unveils its medieval and volcanic character; let yourself be transported into history!

The characterful village of Meyras reveals its three major historical facets: the ancient, through the Neyrac-les-Bains thermal baths, the medieval: around Hautsegur Castle and the Ventadour fortress, and finally, the volcanic, with its breathtaking landscapes…

What awaits you…

La Grand rue, dans le centre du village de caractère de meyras en ardèche

A village full of character

Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere! Wander through the cobbled streets of Meyras with its stone buildings, mullioned windows, pointed arch doors… A circuit of frescoes painted by Alain Royer tells you about the Ardèche of yesteryear, between craftsmanship and Ardèche traditions.

Sommet du haut du volcan du Souilhol à Meyras en Ardèche, randonnées volcaniques dans le geoparc des Monts d'Ardèche

The volcanic panorama

From the Neyrac-les-Bains thermal baths, a beautiful ascent takes you to the top of Souilhol and its orientation table at 667 meters. An opportunity to discover the volcanic panorama of the Monts d’Ardèche and marvel at their colors.

Exposition de Camille Mazet au relais des muletiers, salle d'exposition à Meyras en Ardèche - visites et expositions artistes en ardèche

The artistic moment

Le Relais des Muletiers, named in honor of the old mule processions in the heart of the village of Meyras, is now an exhibition space for our local artists and those from various backgrounds.

The exterior of the building, made of typical local stones, hides a secret! An interior with contemporary architecture that inspires with its metal and translucent glass staircase where light seeps in to enhance the exhibited works.

For history enthusiasts…

Voie romaine Domitius près du village de caractère de Meyras en Ardèche

Via Domitius

This ancient paved Roman road is one of the many still visible Roman roads in Ardèche. It owes its name to the legion of Consul Domitius, who stayed there before his assault against the troops of Vercingetorix during the Gallic Wars. It was during their stop that the Roman soldiers discovered the benefits of the thermal waters at the foot of the Souilhol volcano.

Barrage hydro-électrique EDF à Meyras en Ardèche

Energizing waters

The hydroelectric dam of Fontaulière in Meyras allows the storage and release of water from Montpezat-sous-Bauzon. Its waters are valuable for various purposes: electricity production, maintaining a controlled flow during the summer period, supplying drinking water to populations 60 km downstream, preserving and improving the natural environment, including irrigation of crops and support during low-flow periods. Learn all about its activity during a visit by request to the dam (only during the summer period).

Oh, my castle…

Château de Hautsegur à Meyras en Ardèche, visites de châteaux en ardèche

Hautsegur Castle

Formerly called Rochegure or Rochesure, Hautsegur Castle stands proudly on the heights overlooking the Ardèche Valley, facing the Barutel Bridge, a crossing point since Roman times. A place of safety (Segur means “safe/security”) strategically positioned to monitor the valley, Hautsegur was initially a watchtower for Ventadour Castle in the 12th century. Visits are possible in this private castle (upon request) to admire its keystone, Renaissance architecture: fireplaces with detached columns, accolades, turrets, key vaults, and mullions.

Château de ventadour à Meyras en Ardèche, visites de châteaux

Château de Ventadour

Le château féodal de Ventadour se dresse sur le Rocher Rolandy, un éperon haut de 70 mètres, au-dessus du confluent des rivières Ardèche et Fontaulière, sur la commune de Meyras. Datant du XIIème siècle, en cours de restauration totale depuis 1969, avec des bénévoles et des professionnels et à l’initiative de Françoise et Pierre Pottier. Inscrit comme monument historique depuis 1937. Il accueille ses visiteurs en juillet-août chaque année.

In Meyras, we breathe!

Communal hikes

Randonnée Via Domitius au départ de Neyrac-les-Bains, commune du village de caractère de Meyras en Ardèche

Starting directly from the characterful village of Meyras or from Neyrac-les-Bains, discover 3 communal trails of your choice with color-coded markings. They will take you respectively along the Via Domitia (ancient Roman road), to the Souilhol volcano, the town center of Meyras, and also towards Hautsegur Castle or Ventadour Castle!

Orientation courses

Courses d'orientation en Ardèche dans les villages de Meyras, Jaujac, Thueyts, Lalevade d'Ardèche - sports et activités en famille

Take on the challenge and go in search of the markers in the characterful village of Meyras… Show your tribe who is the fastest to find them all! Whether you are a beginner or experienced in orientation, choose from several possible difficulty levels in the 6 orienteering courses available in Meyras.

Meyras and its precious waters

High thermal site

Source of well-being and health, thermalism in Ardèche is highly sought after… Meyras boasts among its hamlets Neyrac-les-Bains, which is one of the main thermal stations in Ardèche! The waters of Neyrac are known for their benefits, much to the delight of spa-goers and wellness enthusiasts… we invite you to learn more here:

 Piscine thermes de neyrac les bains pour soins et cures thermales - thermalisme en ardèche

The relaxation moment at the thermal baths

The Neyrac-les-Bains Thermal Baths welcome you not only for thermal cures with the benefits of their waters but also in the spa area (hammam, swan-neck pool, sauna, KNEIPP pools…) and for various à la carte treatments (Swedish massages, whirlpool baths, scrubs, leg treatments…).

Devanture de la mairie du village de caractère de Meyras en Ardèche, randonnées et visites en ardèche

Village center: the town hall

Whether you are a resident or curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is here for you!

Where is it located? 1 Place du Champ de Mars, 07380 Meyras

How to contact it? 04 75 94 42 40