Characterful villages in Ardèche

Let yourself be charmed by the authenticity of the Characterful Villages, where nature and architecture harmoniously blend. True gems of natural heritage and architecture, showcasing craftsmanship and ancient traditions, they will captivate every gaze that falls upon them.

Each village boasts exceptional architectural heritage, with sites and monuments classified or registered, bearing witness to a fascinating historical past. In addition to this cultural heritage, these Ardèche villages also offer breathtaking natural landscapes. Explore panoramas of remarkable beauty, where nature flourishes in perfect harmony with human constructions. It’s a true immersion in an enchanting natural setting, where environmental preservation and heritage conservation go hand in hand.




Our guided tours

Jaujac: characterful village

le village de Jaujac vu du Chastelas

Between Volcanoes and Basaltic Flows

Surrounded by the Cévennes ranges, the village of Jaujac is nestled between the youngest volcano in the Monts d’Ardèche and its long volcanic flows.

It arouses curiosity with the presence of several castles and fortified houses, as well as the unique beauty of the geosites in its UNESCO Geopark of the Monts d’Ardèche.

On Fridays, from June to September, our tour takes you through its cobbled streets, its medieval district of Chastelas, but also along its Lignon River and its basaltic flows.

Jaujac - Le Pont Romain
Visites du village de caractère de Jaujac sur le pont du Chastelas, quartier médiéval - visites en Ardèche

Meyras: characterful village

La Grand rue, dans le centre du village de caractère de meyras en ardèche

Nature & history in the heart of the Ardèche valleys

Discover Meyras, a peaceful commune nestled at the crossroads of the valleys of the Ardèche, Fontaulière, and Lignon. This village has a millennial history dating back to the time of Homo sapiens who occupied the site of Ventadour Castle. Between preserved nature and architectural heritage, Meyras offers you a unique experience in the heart of the Ardèche valleys.

Château de Ventadour

Thueyts: characterful village

Site naturel du Pont du diable depuis Belvédère de l'échelle du roi à Thueyts en ardèche, visites commentées du village et randonnées

Heritage, Nature, and Thrilling Sensations

An enchanting village where history blends with exceptional natural sites and thrilling experiences such as the Ardèche via ferrata at the Devil’s Bridge. Perched on a basalt plateau overlooking the Ardèche River, Thueyts offers memorable panoramas. L’Échelle du Roi, la Gueule d’Enfer, and la Chaussée des Géants are must-visit locations that unfold from the heights of the village.

Visites commentées du village de caractère de thueyts sur la place des cocons
Activités et sports de cordes : Pont suspendu via Ferrata de l'Ardèche à Thueyts, village de caractère

Visit our characterful villages

Let yourself be enchanted by the character of our three labeled villages: Jaujac, Meyras, and Thueyts. You will be transported by the captivating tales of their ancient stones: whether it’s the Devil’s Bridge, Ventadour Castle, or the Jaujac volcanic crater. Get ready to be amazed by the fascinating stories that lie behind these treasures of the past.

Visite guidée dans le village de caractère de jaujac dans la rue du trible en Ardèche

Guided tours of Jaujac

Every Friday from June to September.
Departure in front of the Tourist Office.
Price: Free

La Grand Rue dans le village de caractère de Meyras en Ardèche

Guided tour of Meyras

Every Monday in July and August.
Departure in front of the church of Meyras at 8:30 PM.
Price: Free participation

 visite guidée rue de la fontaine dans le village de caractère de Thueyts en Ardèche - ses ruelles médiévales, son pont du diable

Guided tours of Thueyts

Every Tuesday from June to September.

Departure in front of the Tourist Office.
Price: Free

The other characterful villages

The Ardèche is full of characterful villages, totaling no less than 21! Explore its roads to discover them: Antraigues-sur-Volane, Ailhon, Alba la Romaine, Balazuc, Banne, Vogüé, Saint Vincent de Barrès… and many more!