Along the La Bourges River, the village of Saint Pierre-de-Colombier will offer you peaceful moments with its setting amidst mountains and agricultural terraces.

Formerly a key center of the silk spinning industry, seven factories stretched along the Bourges Valley, providing a financial complement to the already well-established agricultural activity in the village. The terraces, known as “faysses,” as is often the case in the Cévennes, evoke the agricultural activity of past centuries. Today, the Ardèche landscapes bear witness to a unique valley shaped by its agriculture and river.

What awaits you…

Tympan de l'église, porte gravée en bois à Saint pierre de Colombier en Ardèche

A remarkable tympanum!

No need to be a practitioner to believe in the beauty of the entrance of the church of Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier! This remarkable tympanum was sculpted by a resident of the village, along with a Stations of the Cross and the Christ figure near the altar. The church was built around 1860 by the priest of Doize, then destroyed before being rebuilt during the 19th century. The church has since adopted a Romanesque style that will delight architecture enthusiasts.

Terrasses agricoles d'Aulureyres dans le village de Saint Pierre de Colombier en Ardèche

Cultures & Nature

Let yourself be charmed by the agricultural landscapes of Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier where crops and nature coexist to offer picturesque panoramas. Starting from the market square, head towards the hamlet of Pruneyrolles to observe its chestnut groves, cobbled paths, and typically Ardèche terraces.

œuvre mosaïque sur table de l'artiste mosaïste Marie Voisin dans le village de saint pierre de colombier en Ardèche - artistes, créateurs et artisans ardéchois

Land of Arts

The village is home to 2 artists with a magical universe: “L’Atelier des Poissons Rouges,” creator of jewelry and ceramics, and “Atelier Muse Coquelicot,” which offers a range of mosaics and custom creations, including murals, mirrors, furniture, and personalized sculptures. It just goes to show how Saint Pierre de Colombier inspires! Explore the world of our artist and artisan partners here:

Assiette en céramique fait main en Ardèche par Zoé Delille, Atelier du poisson rouge à saint pierre de colombier en Ardèche
Bijoux faits main en Ardèche par la créatrice de bijoux Zoé delille - L'atelier des poissons rouges à Saint pierre de colombier en Ardèche - artistes, créateurs et artisans ardéchois

For history enthusiasts…

Pont du Prat, hameau du village de Saint Pierre de Colombier en Ardèche

Multiple hamlets

Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier is much larger than one might think at first glance! The most curious can have fun exploring its 12 hamlets: Le Ranc, Le Pouget, Le Prat, Célas, Collanges, Pruneyrolles, Arzalier, Hauteyzac, Le Roux, Pisseloup… Each with its own charming Cévennes character… a discovery to be made!

Notre Dame des Neiges, statue de la vierge sur les hauteurs de Saint Pierre de Colombier en Ardèche

An unmissable panorama

Upon your arrival in Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier, you will see in the distance on the heights a statue overlooking the town; it is none other than a Virgin protecting the village! It was erected in 1946 in the presence of the Bishop of Viviers, following a vow made by parishioners of the village to pay homage to the protection granted to Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier during the presence of the Germans in the Ardèche countryside.

Vue sur l'église de Saint Pierre de Colombier, village en Ardèche

Heart of the village: the town hall

Whether you are a resident or curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is here to assist you!

Where is it located? 65 le Bourg, 07450 Saint-Pierre-de-Colombier

How to contact them? +334 75 94 41 94