Pont de Labeaume

With at its core an impressive basaltic flow, Pont de Labeaume is a peaceful village, bordered by the river that holds many natural and cultural wonders to discover!

Located at the foot of Ventadour Castle, at the confluence of the three valleys of Lignon, Fontaulière, and Ardèche, Pont de Labeaume invites you to a discovery of the great outdoors.

What awaits you…

Église romane de Nieigles à Pont de Labeaume en Ardèche

The church of Nieigles

The church of Notre Dame de Nieigles, or “Niègles,” is a Romanesque church classified as a historical monument since 1975. It is said that its name is derived from the Latin “Nidus aquilinus,” meaning “eagle’s nest,” and over time, it was contracted to “nieigles.” Notre Dame has undergone many modifications but still retains its Romanesque charm with its keystone, pillars, and all parts highlighted by a molded cornice. It was only in the 17th century that a sacristy and a bell tower were added. Long on a pilgrimage route to observe its famous “Black Virgin,” this solid wood statue with gilding is now displayed in the main church of the village.

Belvédère sur la rivière Ardèche à Pont de Labeaume

The river on the horizon

There is no shortage of viewpoints on the river in Pont de Labeaume! The commune is at the perfect intersection of three rivers and their valleys: Fontaulière, Ardèche, and Lignon. In addition to swimming, you can enjoy a unique and peaceful setting to try trout fishing on a “no-kill” stretch. Along this river, in front of Ventadour Castle, you can also observe magnificent basaltic flows that are actually the superposition of lava flows from the Ray-Pic/Coupe de la Fialouse volcanoes (in Péreyres) and Souilhol (in Meyras).

Piscine intercommunale de Pont de Labeaume en Ardèche, baignade piscines

Dive into the freshness

Take advantage of the beautiful weather to discover the intercommunal swimming pool in Pont de Labeaume! Perfect for refreshing both young and old seeking a swim. Additionally, in the municipality, 600m above the town hall, you’ll find a sports area: a basketball court, skate park, and children’s playground with a view of Ventadour Castle.

For history enthusiasts…

Le Village de Pont de Labeaume en Ardèche

History of a crossing

Initially known as the village of “La Baume” in the municipality of Nieigles, it took its final name once the construction of its bridge over the Ardèche River was completed. A little tip for new visitors: be careful not to confuse the village of Labeaume in southern Ardèche, which includes a bridge, with our village of Pont de Labeaume! It is also said that its name refers to a mysterious cave in the basaltic cliff, derived from Old French “balma.”

Borne romaine sur la commune de Pont de Labeaume en Ardèche

On the right track

Did you know? In the village of Pont de Labeaume, a milestone is still visible in the square of its current town hall. This milestone, classified as a historical monument, was found a few steps away from the square in 1890. It is a historical artifact that highlights the significance of Roman influence in the surrounding areas, such as the so-called “Roman” bridge in the Réjus neighborhood on departmental road D5, spanning the Lignon River.

Linteau sculpté dans les rues du village de pont de labeaume en Ardèche - témoin du patrimoine bâti, architecture et religions - artisans et échoppes médiévales

Heritage at the heart

Keep an eye out! Within the alleyways of Pont de Labeaume, nestled in the lintels of doors, there is a characteristic sign! Hearts carved in stone that, according to some, indicated at the time the religious affiliation of the owner: hearts upright for Catholics and inverted hearts for Protestants. Moreover, many lintels also indicate former shops: weavers, blacksmiths, and other artisans…

Village center: the town hall

Whether you’re a resident or curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is here for you!

Where is it located? 27 Rue de la Mairie, 07380 Pont de Labeaume

How to contact it? +33 4 75 38 05 25