A characterful village nestled in the heart of the mountains, seducing with its friendly atmosphere, between ancient alleyways and omnipresent volcanic heritage.

Just steps from the market square, the Chastelas neighborhood, with its ancient cobbled streets, offers a panoramic view of the village and the distant Jaujac volcano. At its feet, the stunning basaltic flows of the Lignon River transport you, while closest to the crater, the Maison du Parc des Monts d’Ardèche welcomes you for family discoveries.

What awaits you…

Bas du quartier médiéval du Chastelas dans le village de caractère de Jaujac en Ardèche, visites, randonnées et volcanisme

The Chastelas neighborhood

In the heart of the stones, the medieval neighborhood of Chastelas enchants you as you ascend its cobbled alleys. Follow the direction of its ancient keep and the remains of its medieval tower. After climbing its steps, you will discover a breathtaking view of the village and the Jaujac volcano. Congratulations! You are now in the oldest part of the village, where the stone houses perfectly illustrate the typical Cévennes architecture.

Volcan de la Coupe de Jaujac vu aérienne dans le village de caractère de Jaujac en Ardèche

The cut of Jaujac

As the youngest volcano in Ardèche, it has preserved its entire strombolian cone, giving it a proud appearance on the heights of the village of Jaujac, with its easily recognizable shape in the landscape. Its successive eruptions gave birth to the basaltic flows along the Lignon River (among the most beautiful in Europe), easily observable from the beach of La Turbine.

Basaltic organs of the Lignon

Originating from the Jaujac volcano, the powerful lava flow poured into the Lignon River, forming remarkable basaltic organs with heights reaching up to 50 meters in some places! The length of the flow does not exceed 3.5 km.

The Turbine site, besides its soothing beauty, allows you to observe this formation up close: real and false columns, prisms. An immersion into geological times…

Coulée basaltique à la plage de la Turbine, village de caractère de Jaujac en Ardèche, randonnée volcans
Saucissons au marché de Jaujac

The gourmet meeting

To your baskets! On the Place du Champ de Mars with its southern charm (boules games and bars are a must), the markets take place every Tuesday and Friday morning throughout the year. It’s an opportunity to stock up on delicious local products and enjoy a coffee under the plane trees.

On Wednesday evenings during the summer, artisans and producers invite you to discover their creations and products, with concerts to end the evening in music.

For history enthusiasts…

Château de Castrevieille, dans le village de caractère de jaujac en Ardèche - châteaux et visites ardéchoises

A triad of castles

Jaujac boasts a rich architectural heritage and takes pride in hosting three very different castles: Castrevieille Castle, a venue for exhibitions and events; Rochemure Castle, the headquarters of the Regional Natural Park of Monts d’Ardèche; and Bruget Castle, a private family residence that offers visits on certain dates.

Jaujac - Le Pont Romain

The “roman” bridge

Did you know? This name is a bit mischievous because it’s not Roman! This picturesque bridge spanning the Rieuclar River actually dates back to the Middle Ages (although its exact date is unknown). It provides a beautiful viewpoint of the basaltic flow along the Lignon River, and in the fall, during Cévenol episodes, the stream transforms into a sublime torrent.

Château de Rochemure, siège du géoparc des Monts d'Ardèche dans le village de caractère de Jaujac en Ardèche

The park house

Ah, the Geopark of Monts d’Ardèche… a whole universe to discover!

Its headquarters are located at Château de Rochemure in Jaujac.

A former farmhouse, transformed into a pleasure castle in the 19th century, it houses exhibitions, a shop, and a reception area.

You can visit it from June to October, and it is also the starting point of the “Coulée Vive” trail that will take you to the heart of the crater of the Jaujac volcano, discovering aspects of Ardèche’s heritage along the way (clède, terraces, spring…).

The Turbine beach

A must-visit geosite for its impressive basaltic organs, it will delight lovers of an idyllic setting for a dip!

You can also enjoy the refreshing waters, directly accessible from the center of the village of Jaujac, in less than a 10-minute walk…

Baignade dans le lignon à la turbine dans le village de caractère de jaujac en ardèche - orgues basaltiques et volcaniques, géosites du parc des monts d'ardèche

For outdoor enthusiasts

randonnée vers le géoparc des monts d'Ardèche dans le village de caractère de jaujac en ardèche

Hikes & trails

Fans of walking sports will be well served in Jaujac! Hikes, orienteering, and trail courses are available starting from the village. Find all our free itineraries on the mobile app “Rando Monts d’Ardèche” or by clicking below.

Circuit VTT - sports nature - n°5 Sur la basse vallée du Lignon dans le village de caractère de Jaujac en Ardèche


For all off-road adventurers! Come and test the forest roads and hilly paths of our mountain bike trails, all freely accessible. From the average course to the pro-level with a more intense route, Jaujac offers everyone a guaranteed thrill with the added bonus of a panoramic view in the great outdoors…

Site d'escalade de Tras les Baumes dans le village de caractère de Jaujac en Ardèche


Climb in the heart of nature! Not far from the village, the climbing site of Tras les Baumes is set on granite and is an ideal site for initiation with several routes available on site. Whether you choose climbing independently or with guidance, find here all our climbing sites and our specialized partners in rope sports.

The sports enthusiast’s deal

In the village of Jaujac, you will find a free and permanent multi-sports field (in the Sausses district): volleyball, badminton, football, tennis, and many other activities are possible all year round for families to enjoy this nature hotspot!

Jaujac is also labeled “bike-friendly” (Accueil Vélo) and offers visitors a repair kit and dedicated information at the Jaujac Tourist Office.

Terrain multisports dans le village de caractère de jaujac en accès libre pour le tennis en Ardèche
Vue sur le village de caractère de Jaujac depuis le Parc Naturel Régional des Monts d'Ardèche, géoparc UNESCO en Ardèche

Cœur du village : la mairie

Que vous soyez habitant.e ou curieux d’en apprendre plus sur la commune, la mairie reste à votre écoute !

Où se trouve-t-elle ? 11 Place du Champ de Mars, 07380 Jaujac

Comment la contacter ? 04 75 93 22 28