In the land of the young volcanoes of the Regional Natural Park of the Ardèche Mountains, Prades is a small village with a peaceful charm that will conquer your heart!

This village is nestled in the valley and offers its visitors an exotic Cévenol setting! Known for its former coal mines and mineral springs, Prades is a true haven of peace for your holidays at 350 meters above sea level.

What awaits you…

Vue générale sur le village de Prades en Ardèche, dans le parc naturel régional des Monts d'Ardèche - Geoparc UNESCO

The village with multiple facets

The village of Prades extends much further than one might think! It includes numerous hamlets such as Baza, la Blache, le Blacher, Brugeon, Couli, Champgontier, Chassargues, les Coufours, Courte-Serre, le Courtiol, Fabrias, le Fau, les Fiagoux, le Fulachier, le Gacher, l’Hoste du Fau, Montréal, Montséveny, le Nogier, Peyreplane, les Plots, le Pont-de-Prades, Rivier, Salibage, Salyndre, Sausse, le Vernet, les Mazes, le Bois de Prades, and la Roche… a whole territory to explore for those curious about unique viewpoints around the Salyndre River…

Anciennes Mines de Champgontier sur la commune de Prades en Ardèche (terrain privé), vestige de l'histoire industriel et minière (mines de charbon) en Ardèche

Mines of culture

Prades was divided between two strong poles: agriculture and mining. Coal mines were present in the municipality and were part of a large coal basin. Stretching over 2 km and for a length of about ten kilometers, it extended around the municipalities of Lalevade d’Ardèche and Prades. The still visible vestige of this history is the Champgontier mining site (on private property), typical of the 19th century. The site is dominated by the superb masonry headframe of the Armand shaft, dating back to 1900. Coal extraction came to an end following a significant flood of the Salyndre River on August 6, 1963.

Pommes d'automne, fruits et légumes de saison en Ardèche - fête des fruits de saison à Prades en octobre

The gourmet meeting

Come and celebrate the fruits and vegetables of autumn! Enjoy hikes, activities, and, of course, the autumn fruit and vegetable festival in October with our exhibitors, producers, and merchants on site. Savor a good local apple juice in the village square…

For history enthusiasts…

Église Saint Vincent sur la commune de Prades en Ardèche - randonnées et églises en Ardèche

The church of Saint Vincent

The church charms with its Neo-Gothic influence (with its beautiful bell tower-porch) and dates back to the 19th century (1867). It was built on the site and as a replacement for the old Romanesque church (destroyed due to its insufficient size to accommodate the growing number of parishioners). The heart of its architecture includes a statue of a virgin sculpted by Michel Lapierre, three naves, and a polygonal apse.

Eau gazeuse et minérale, comme l'eau naturelle de Vernet, originaire de Prades en Ardèche - Ardèche le goût et produits locaux

Bubbling heritage

Did you know? One of the Ardèche mineral waters comes from Prades! The waters of Vernet, whose name means in Occitan “place planted with alders,” belonged to the municipality until the source was bought by a Parisian group. This doesn’t prevent this water from being enjoyed by gourmets nationwide.

La Chapelle Sainte Croix, sur le site du calvaire à Prades en Ardèche

The path of the calvary

Explore the path of the calvary in Prades and discover the beauty of its chapels: The Sainte-Croix chapel and the Notre-Dame des Douleurs chapel will impress with their neo-Gothic influences.

The Sainte-Croix chapel was consecrated in 1865, replacing a 17th-century building, while Notre-Dame des Douleurs is said to date back to the 19th century.

Also, enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings at the calvary site.

Statue Sainte
Chapelle Notre-Dame des Douleurs à Prades en Ardèche, confession catholique du 19ème siècle, édifice néo-gothique
Mairie de la commune de Prades en Ardèche - randonnées, balades ardéchoises

Town Center: the Town Hall

Whether you are a resident or curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is at your service!

Where is it located? 1 Place de la Mairie, 07380 Prades

How to contact them? +33 4 75 38 03 11