La Souche

La Souche nestles in the Cévennes Ardéchoises, at the foot of the Tanargue massif, an ideal escape for horizon lovers.

The village proudly stands in the valley at 575 meters, and its highest point (Le Rocher d’Abraham) marvels at 1498 meters above sea level, enchanting all those eager for discovery and contemplation.

What awaits you…

Vue en ULM sur le magnifique Massif du Tanargue à La Souche en Ardèche

The Tanargue Massif

The village of La Souche borders the upper part of the impressive Tanargue Massif! An idyllic setting for hikers and lovers of wide-open spaces, this exploration destination is divided between three valleys: Le Lignon, La Beaume, and La Borne. Its magnificent peak, Mont Aigu, overlooks the municipality, providing hikers with an unparalleled 360° panorama.

Baignade au plan d'eau de la souche en Ardèche

Swimming in nature

For all vacationers or locals dreaming of spending their summer with their feet in the water, in a natural setting, the La Souche water plan is a prime location! It’s also an opportunity to experience the gentle waters of the Lignon River, away from the crowds of the French Riviera. On-site: a playground, picnic tables, pets allowed, and guaranteed good times!

Vélos sur la massif du Tanargue à La souche lors de la Course cycliste légendaire de l'Ardéchoise en Ardèche

Cycling in Ardèche

The Ardéchoise is the must-attend cycling event in Ardèche! Cyclists or spectators, curious individuals, or volunteers, every year thousands of people come together to celebrate sports in Ardèche.

First, on the heights of our mountains but also on our ridges, on the hillsides, or in our picturesque villages like Jaujac or Meyras, cycling enthusiasts never tire of our landscapes… and we understand why!

For history enthusiasts…

Histoire du chemin des endettés sur le village de La Souche en Ardèche

You shall not pay

In the village of La Souche, there is a rather curious legend… the path of the indebted! It is said that the former buyers who tended to delay their payments would take this winding path on the outskirts of the village to avoid settling their debts. This path will also allow you to bypass the village directly from its chapel… but no worries! Nowadays, there is no need to bring out the bills to enjoy the walk, but we admit that the anecdote is amusing!

Végétation montagneuse sur les crêtes du haut Tanargue sur la commune de La Souche en Ardèche

At the roots of the place

Two stories coexist about the origin of the name of the village of La Souche! One version suggests that in medieval times, numerous charcoal kilns were made from the stumps that dotted the village, and the wood exploitation for charcoal was said to come directly from “la souche.” Later, the name of the place evolved over time, changing from “Zocha” in 1173 to “La Souche” in 1801, a name that would eventually be adopted for the entire upper Lignon valley. However, others assert that its name comes from the Occitan term “Sotcha,” which in Cevennes dialect refers to the vine… you can choose your version!

L'église de la commune de la Souche en Ardèche, non loin de la mairie du village

Village center: the town hall

Whether you are a resident or curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is at your service!

Where is it located? 1 Place du Champ Clos, 07380 La Souche

How to contact it? +33 4 75 37 90 11