The Devil’s Bridge

A must-visit natural site in the Monts d’Ardèche, the Devil’s Bridge is an unforgettable place where legends and panoramas intersect in a setting of geological treasures.

A small natural gem spanning the Ardèche River, this iconic bridge is located below the picturesque village of Thueyts. A focal point of local folklore and the birthplace of the Via Ferrata of Ardèche, it offers nature lovers the opportunity to thrive in the heart of its valley lined with ancient agricultural terraces. Want to know more? Well, we’ll tell you everything!

But why “the Devil’s bridge”?

Pont du Diable à Thueyts en Ardèche

Legend & natural wonder

Legend has it that the exact date of the construction of the Devil’s Bridge is unknown, but the legend tells the tale of the devil himself seizing the bridge below the village of Thueyts to exert his influence. His tempting influence was so strong that it led young men and maidens to be tempted to cross the bridge to satisfy their hidden desires.

Unfortunately, when the unfortunate souls decided to cross the bridge, they slipped into the abyss, offering their souls to the devil upon their demise. It is said in stories that if you lean a bit too much from the top of the bridge, you can still hear the lamenting cries of the damned who perished in the valley to this day. A legend as dark as the beauty of the place.

Highlight: It’s impossible to talk about the Devil’s Bridge without mentioning the picturesque village of Thueyts: its unique stone alleys, fountains, Renaissance houses, and frescoes depicting the markets of yesteryear – cherry markets and markets for silk worm cocoons. A must-visit in addition to your trip to the Devil’s Bridge, of course!

So, how do we get there?

 Pont du diable à l'automne, site naturel incontournable en ardèche au pied du village de ca

By car

Take the N102 from Aubenas or Le Puy en Velay towards the picturesque village of Thueyts. From there, drive to the Devil’s Bridge parking lot (on the right for those coming from Le Puy and on the left for those coming up the N102 from Aubenas). However, please note that the parking lot is small and tends to be busy in the summer. It is recommended for those who cannot take the pedestrian route to the Devil’s Bridge from the village.

Descente à pied ou en randonnée au site naturel du pont du diable depuis le village de caractère de thueyts en Ardèche. Randonnées en famille, en solo ou entre amis pour découvrir la géologie et le volcanisme des Monts d'Ardèche et la coulée basaltique de la chaussée des géants

On foot

Feel like going for a walk? You can park in the village of Thueyts, which will be the starting point of the hiking trail. From Rue Pouget (where the Thueyts tourist office is located), you just have to cross the Blou Castle park towards the Aspic road bridge, then to the left of it, you will find a sign indicating the Devil’s Bridge. Follow the trail from the sign that passes under the road bridge, then descend the “calade” following the magnificent basaltic flow of the Chaussée des Géants. From there, in about fifteen minutes, you will arrive at the Devil’s Bridge.

Extra tip: From the Devil’s Bridge, you will find 2 iconic hiking trails: The King’s Scale (1h30) and Queen’s ladder, Fargebelle (2h30).

Baignade pont du diable à thueyts en Ardèche


Swimming at the Devil’s Bridge, refreshing in the waters of the Ardèche River (yes, it begins its course not far from Thueyts). You can enjoy its two sandy banks and beaches with breathtaking views of the terraces and the large basaltic flows of the Chaussée des Géants.

The water quality is monitored in summer as it is part of the 26 public beaches tested in the Ardèche watershed. You can, therefore, check the water quality at any time before safely accessing your swim.

Via Ferrata of the Devil’s Bridge

All year round, come and try THE Via Ferrata of Ardèche at the Devil’s Bridge, accompanied by our partners or solo.

In the footsteps… of the Giants!

Trail chaussée des géants, parcours gravenne et pont du diable. Compétition sportive de courses et parcours permanents de randonnées dans le village de caractère de thueyts en ardèche.

The Trail of the Giants’ Causeway

The Devil’s Bridge of Thueyts and its surroundings are a true playground for athletes and hiking enthusiasts. For over 10 years, a sports competition has been held every year on the first Saturday of June: The Trail of the Chaussée des Géants. Accessible to all, it offers three routes: La Gravenne (10km), le Ranc Qualiou (20km), and les 3 vallées (51km), which can be done either as a hike or a run (for the most courageous among us). All trail markings are permanent, allowing you to enjoy these routes throughout the year (while being cautious in case of rain on certain ridge and riverbank sections). We encourage you to explore these trails if you love panoramic views and hikes in the heart of Ardèche!

Volcanic wonders

Ardèche draws its unique panoramas from its one-of-a-kind geology! In Thueyts, it’s the Gravenne volcano and its various lava flows that have shaped this particular promontory. Want to learn more? We’ll take you on a volcano hunt.

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