Overlooking the high valleys of the Ardèche and the Fontaulière, accessible from the Veyrières bridge dam, the village of Chirols welcomes you in its peaceful setting…

Comprising several hamlets clinging to the Sainte-Marguerite mountain, accessible to the most adventurous via a small, winding road, before offering you a breathtaking view of the Ardèche Mountains.

What awaits you…

Vue de Ste Marguerite à Chirols

The Holy View

From the summit of the beautiful Sainte Marguerite (987 m) and its chapel, you can enjoy the most extensive view in the Massif Central. On clear days, the view extends to the breathtaking sight of the Alps! So, are you up for it?

Le village de Chirols

Honoring the ladies

The municipality of Chirols is quite young! It dates back only to 1854. According to Pierre Charrié, there was a “Cariolum” as early as the 10th century, and the “mansi de Chirols” in 1281. At that time, there was a church dedicated to St. Madeleine, which was replaced in 1846 by a new one dedicated to Our Lady.

Marché des producteurs de Chirols

The gourmet appointment

Head out to meet local artisans and producers with the gourmet market on Fridays.

Local products: poultry, meat, goat and sheep cheese, fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, jams, beers, eggs, medicinal plants, charcuterie, freshly baked bread, and light snacks… From 10 to 30 exhibitors. Featured cheerful artisans: blacksmithing, mosaic, woodwork, sewing creations, and basketry.

For history enthusiasts…

Ecomusée du moulinage de Chirols en Ardèche

Throughout history…

Along the Fontaulière, the Ecomuseum of the Silk Mill invites you into an undiscovered world. For centuries, silk has twirled on the reels of Ardèche silk mills. Here, in the coolness of the “factory,” a scenographic journey will introduce you to the know-how of silk milling: models, audio guides, documentary films, visual frescoes all contribute to a fun and educational discovery for all!


Mountains by legion

Many feet have trod the paths of the Fontaulière Valley throughout history! In fact, Jules César is said to have used the Fontaulière Valley and the Pal Pass above Montpezat to surprise Vercingétorix’s troops! We wholeheartedly recommend the breathtaking view of this valley from the village center.

Village de Chirols depuis Veyrières

Heart of the village: the town hall

Whether you’re a resident or simply curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is here to listen!

Where is it located? 4 Place du Tanargue, 07380 CHIROLS

How to contact them? 04 75 94 40 11