In the land of the High Cévennes in Ardèche, Péreyres is an adorable village with captivating charm, embraced by the echoes of the majestic waterfalls of Ray Pic.

The village perches on the heights of our beautiful Ardèche Mountains, at 850 meters above sea level, and has retained the picturesque character of its early days. Don’t be deceived by its small size; despite its sixty or so inhabitants, it holds many treasures!

What awaits you…

Vue depuis le haut des cascades du Ray Pic à Péreyres en Ardèche, site naturel classé depuis 1931 dans le Parc Naturel Régional des Monts d'Ardèche

At the summit, a volcano

The Ray-Pic volcano, officially named Coupe de la Fialouse, is one of the volcanoes in the Ardèche Mountains. Moreover, its eruptions are responsible for one of the longest lava flows in France, spanning 20 km in length—certainly a feast for your eyes!

Vue sur des cascades du Ray Pic à Péreyres en Ardèche, site naturel classé depuis 1931

Exceptional waterfalls

The famous Ray-Pic waterfalls cascade down about fifty meters from the top of a thick basaltic formation, creating a beautiful fan-shaped prismation. The volcano’s single lava flow traveled 21 km along the Bourges and then the Fontaulière rivers, reaching Pont-de-Labeaume.

Fête de la myrtille à Péreyres

The gourmet meeting

The blueberry festival, the delicious berry of our mountains, takes place every year on the last Sunday of July and delights both young and old! Giant blueberry tart, a market of producers, and delights made from this unique fruit are on the program… An opportunity to taste this local product and, most importantly, bring some back to share!

For history enthusiasts…

Vue sur l'église du village de Péreyres en Ardèche

A thousand places

Like many villages in Ardèche, Péreyres has several hamlets: le Chabron, le Chambon, le Peyral. These places are an opportunity for you to explore the twists and turns of our wonderful Ardèche Mountains. So, go ahead! Also, don’t miss the Pra-Plot farm, classified as a historical monument in 1985.

L'église Saint Régis dans le village de Péreyres en Ardèche

The queen stone

The name “Péreyres” is believed to come from the Occitan word “peirièra,” meaning “stone quarries,” derived from “pèira,” from the Latin “petra,” meaning “stone.” It is with these local stones that its Saint-Régis church was built in the 18th century, much to the delight of the people of Péreyres.

Mairie du village de Péreyres en Ardèche, sur le parcours de la cascade du Ray pic, site naturel et volcanique en ardèche. Village connu pour sa fête de la myrtille d'ardèche

Village center: the town hall

Whether you are a resident or curious to learn more about the municipality, the town hall is here for you!

Where is it located? The village, 07450 Péreyres

How to contact it? +33 4 75 94 44 59