Blueberry of Ardèche

Fruit of our mountains traditionally handpicked with care, the delicious blueberry is a sweetness that is well earned!

Ardèche is already the leading department in the production of wild blueberries! These small blue-violet berries grow directly on the ground of our mountains between 600m and 1200m. Coveted by many connoisseurs: restaurateurs, pastry chefs, or even jam makers appreciate it for its smooth and slightly sweet flavor.

The incredible fruit!

Myrtilles sur une planche de cuisine

Rich in benefits

The blueberry is naturally rich in fibers! As a natural antioxidant, it also has diuretic properties. It’s not surprising that our restaurateurs use it. If we can combine health benefits with taste, why not indulge?

Tarte myrtilles et fruits rouges

A tartlet to bite into!

Tart and delicious at the same time. It is made with a shortcrust pastry, a good pastry cream, flavored with lemon (or not), all topped for some with apricot glaze. But shh! Its exact recipe is kept secret.

Fête de la myrtille à Péreyres

The gourmet rendezvous

The blueberry festival is a must-attend event for your summer! On-site producer sales, blueberry tart tasting.

It’s the blueberry on the cake…

Récolte de Myrtilles à la main en Ardèche à Péreyres

A bit of botany…

Did you know? The blueberry is the only plant that needs soil rich in aluminum. The blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) is often confused with the blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum), but it’s the former that thrives in Ardèche.

ramassage de myrtilles à la main

Meticulous harvest

The fruit of the blueberry bush naturally grows very close to the ground because this small shrub often measures less than 60 cm in height! The harvest is done by hand using a comb, and, most importantly, a lot of patience…

Bière DRAC Vador de la brasserie Drac à Jaujac

To your health!

One of our passionate partners, the DRAC Brewery in Jaujac, has created a Porter beer (dark beer with high fermentation and thick foam) flavored with blueberry and almond!

Ideal for winter or cold weather, it is brewed with love in the heart of the characterful village of Jaujac. It adds to the other local vintages created by our inventive brewers…