Trail of the Giants’ Causeway in Thueyts

Unmissable event in Ardèche, the Trail of the Giants’ Causeway is a sports event held every year in the picturesque village of Thueyts, on the first weekend of June, with permanent routes. Curious to know more? We’ll provide more details about these routes, suitable for both hiking and running/trail.

At a running pace

Initiated over 10 years ago, the Trail of the Giants’ Causeway was created by a local association of 9 trail enthusiasts (and Ardèche lovers!). As a friendly sports competition, the trail attracts thousands of participants every year, both beginners and experienced, to test the 3 routes offered during the event. Accessible to all, it offers three routes: La Gravenne (10km), le Ranc Qualiou (20km), and les 3 vallées (51km), which can be done either as a hike or a run (for the most courageous among us). The different routes are permanent, allowing both newcomers and experienced hikers to explore the incredible natural panoramas of the Monts d’Ardèche, the surroundings of the Devil’s Bridge, the Abraham Valley, and the heights of the picturesque village of Jaujac and the banks of the Lignon River.

Trail de la chaussée des géants parcours des 3 vallées. Compétition sportive de courses et parcours permanents de randonnées dans le village de caractère de thueyts en ardèche

The Gravenne route – 10km

The Gravenne route, marked in green, will take you through the heart of the picturesque village of Thueyts, around the White Cross, and then ascend to its heights by following the volcanic ridges of this volcano between Thueyts and Montpezat. The route will also take you towards Prat de Berland, Ranc Qualiou, and the hamlets of Sableyre-bas and Dardet before finally completing your loop back to your starting point in the village.

Thueyts - Coureur trail de la chaussée des géants - parcours permanents de courses et randonnées en Ardèche dans le parc naturel régional des monts d'ardèche

The Ranc Qualiou route – 20km

The Ranc Qualiou route, marked in blue, starting from Rue Pouget in the village of Thueyts as well, takes you on trails of pozzolan (volcanic rock) on the slopes of the Gravenne volcano and towards the cross of Briges and various hamlets. After crossing Combegleyze, les Girauds, la Vernède, and the former hamlet of Fargebelle, these beautiful mountain trails will bring you back to the banks of the Ardèche River and its famous natural site, the Devil’s Bridge.

Traileur sur le parcours de trail des trois vallées du trail de la chaussée des géants dans le village de caractère de thueyts en ardèche

The 3 Vallées route – 51km

The 3 Vallées route is the challenge for all endurance adventurers with its 51km (estimated at 10 hours of running for the complete circuit)! It passes through three valleys, hence its name: those of Thueyts, Mayres, and Jaujac. Some more technical passages like the Croix de Chaumienne, Col de Barbejo, or Col d’Abraham will delight elevation enthusiasts above 1200 meters. It’s a true elevator of landscapes that will unfold before you, between the rivers Ardèche, Lignon, and the magnificent volcanic panoramas.

Balisage du trail de la chaussée des géants pour 3 parcours de course ou de randonnées permanents : 10 km (la gravenne), 20km (le ranc qualiou), 51km (les 3 vallées) dans le village de caractère de thueyts en ardèche

The adventurous soul

Do you want to embark on an adventure that combines sports and the discovery of incredible mountain landscapes? The Trail of the Giants’ Causeway is made for you! Sign up online for next year directly.

The wonders to discover along the route

Pont du Diable à Thueyts en Ardèche

🏃 Picturesque village of Thueyts and its Devil’s Bridge

At the starting and finishing points of the routes, you will have the opportunity to explore the cobbled streets of the picturesque village of Thueyts, in a unique setting of Renaissance houses, fountains, washhouses, and painted frescoes.

The legendary “Devil’s Bridge” of Thueyts marvels with its exceptional natural setting, on the banks of the Ardèche River, just at the foot of the basaltic flow of the Chaussée des Géants and the picturesque village of Thueyts. The 3 routes of the Trail of the Giants’ Causeway pass through this mythical bridge, allowing participants to contemplate the valley or even enjoy a swim after the race!

Via Ferrata of the Devil’s Bridge

All year round, come and test THE Via Ferrata of Ardèche at the Devil’s Bridge, accompanied by our partners or solo.

🏃 Picturesque village of Jaujac, its river, and its heights

Vue sur le village de caractère de Jaujac depuis le Parc Naturel Régional des Monts d'Ardèche, géoparc UNESCO en Ardèche

The picturesque village of Jaujac charms with its setting between medieval architecture and riverside. Its medieval district of Chastelas allows you to rise above its streets and admire its volcano. From the Rochemure castle, you can observe Ladenne and Courcoussat, peaks along the route of the Trail of the Giants’ Causeway.

Coulée basaltique à la plage de la Turbine, village de caractère de Jaujac en Ardèche, randonnée volcans

A major site of volcanism, the village of Jaujac is home to the Regional Natural Park of Monts d’Ardèche (UNESCO Geopark labeled) and its youngest volcano: La Coupe de Jaujac. Its landscapes are marked by volcanism, clearly visible in its village center with one of the longest basaltic flows in Europe along the Lignon River!

The Geopark of Monts d’Ardèche

Recognized by UNESCO for its unique geology, the Monts d’Ardèche dazzle with their volcanic landscapes and biodiversity. Throughout the year, the Park’s house offers visitors tours, activities, and awareness initiatives to discover them.

🏃 Village of Mayres and its Rock of Abraham

La rivière de L'Ardèche dans le village de Mayres en Ardèche

The village of Mayres will delight those seeking serenity! It welcomes you in its peaceful setting in the heart of the mountains, with the Ardèche River flowing under its Malbos bridge. It provides all its visitors with a breath of fresh air before climbing its Col d’Abraham, reaching an altitude of around 1200 meters!

Randonnée du Rocher d'Abraham sur la commune de Mayres dans le Parc naturel régional des monts d'Ardèche

If there is an unmissable meeting point for hiking enthusiasts and high-altitude lovers in Ardèche, it is indeed the Rock of Abraham! Although its ascent is not included in the Trail of the Giants’ Causeway, the route passes through its pass and offers incredible panoramas, giving you a taste of its summit.

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