Corinne Dunand

Travel through the enchanted artistic universe of Corinne Dunand, a creative soul who, guided by her love for painting, has turned her life into a unique artistic adventure.

Inspired by the beauty of truck paintings in the USA, Corinne embraced airbrushing as a self-taught artist, adding a magical touch to her already diverse repertoire.

The art of airbrushing

In search of new artistic dimensions, Corinne ventured into the world of airbrushing, expanding her creative palette already shaped by acrylic and watercolor painting. In this artistic exploration, she shared her journey with online audiences, allowing this interaction to subtly influence her artistic evolution.

Le loup de Corinne Dunand

Warhol Dog by Corinne Dunand
Gravure par Corinne Dunand

A diverse artistic world

Corinne’s artistic world is a celebration of diversity. From trompe-l’oeil murals to motorcycle helmets, each project becomes a unique visual story. Her creativity extends to various horizons, from giving sleighs a makeover to decorating cellar doors, creating a visual symphony where each note is a work of art.

Sensory portraits

Trained to capture the delicacy of the skin, Corinne creates portraits of children that touch the soul. Her latest achievement, nine portraits for a grandfather’s birthday, reveals her ability to immortalize innocence with tender and moving precision.

Oeuvres de Corinne Dunand

Creative harmony

At the heart of this artistic adventure, Corinne harmoniously shares her talent with her husband, Florent. Designers of wooden and metal furniture for lodgings, Florent and Corinne create a unique visual alchemy. Some pieces are adorned with Corinne’s original artworks, weaving an artistic tapestry in every corner.

Living and exhibition space

Explore another facet of this artistic enchantment at La Grande de Fabras. Florent’s creations and Corinne’s artworks seamlessly blend into the warm atmosphere of these exceptional places, creating an immersive stay experience where art becomes an integral part of daily life.

Step into the artist’s universe

Beyond grinders and airbrushes, Corinne Dunand reveals her talent in gentleness and conviviality, where each creation tells a unique story. Immerse yourself in this universe where every detail is an invitation to dream, and where magic gently operates between the lines of reality.

Galerie d'art
Gravure d'hirondelle
Gravure d'ours
Gravure de haute montagne

Corinne Dunand
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