Historic site and monument in Pont-de-Labeaume, Ardèche

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Located at the foot of the Château de Ventadour, at the confluence of the three river valleys of the Lignon, the Fontaulière and the Ardèche, Pont de Labeaume invites you to discover nature.

Passing the bridge of Pourtalou (Occitan portal portal) and which in the twelfth century was a toll bridge, gateway to the valleys of Ardeche and Fontaulière, you will set out to conquer Nieigles dominating from his "eagle's nest" the village.

Environment: The exceptional site of the Pont de Rolandy, 200 meters from the town center, will allow you to apprehend the superposition of the flows of 35,000 years and 12,000 years of the Ray-Pic and the Volcano of Souilhol. The 3D interpretation platform of Ardèche volcanism will allow you to organize visits throughout the territory of the Young Volcanoes of Ardèche.

History: The village - young centenaire - was formerly a district of the commune of Nieigles which was divided into two sections in 1903. The Balmipontins (inhabitants of Pont-de-Labeaume) take their name from the cave which one finds in the volcanic cliff at the foot of which was built the village.

Patrimony :
On the church square, a milestone (Gallo-Roman), erected in honor of a Roman emperor, attests to an important Roman road. This marker, found a stone's throw from the square in 1890, is classified as a Historic Monument.
The superposition of the road bridge and the so-called "Roman bridge" to the district of Réjus on the R.D.5 straddles the Lignon.
In the many hamlets of character as in Leyronac, the bread oven and the fountain occupied an important place in the life of the inhabitants. It was the place of life and exchange for the inhabitants.
In Nieigles, another interesting place for its secular church, you can, while walking in the alleys, see a lintel door typical of the wars of religion. By the sense of the heart cut in the granite, it was simple to know to what religion belonged the owner - heart to the place: Catholic, heart upside down: Protestant.

Sports Activities: Trout fishing, on a national "no kill" course, will allow you to indulge in your favorite passion.
Hiking, through two marked trails, you will discover all the riches of this territory, whether natural or built.
Swimming, unsupervised, near the village, on a natural beach under the bridge where every year a grandiose fireworks takes place.
The sports plateau, 500 meters from the village, offers a hectare of land for a variety of sports (basketball, volleyball, games for children and a wall climbing initiation), all in an enchanting environment on the Ardèche Valley and the Château de Ventadour.

Thanks to four torrents, Pont de Labeaume is one of the most beautiful and big torrential point of France.
Nieigles, Romanesque church classified as a historical monument since 1975 houses during the summer the black virgin to the child with, at his feet, a beautiful bird of prey (classified historical monument) dated from the 17th century.

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Village of Pont de Labeaume

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