Shops in Thueyts, Ardèche

Opening : All year round.

Resin and wildflower jewellery designer. Unique jewellery,
ethical and authentic handmade jewellery. A biosourced resin that encourages the use of natural products as much as possible. Reasoned harvesting: no rare plant species.

Gatherer from father to daughter, designer by nature, season after season, Julie Libera wanders the rocky outcrops and humus to capture the spirit of plants in a collection of wild jewellery.

Her detailed knowledge of this environment and her intimate relationship with this sensitive and mysterious world inspire the delicacy of her creations.

One price: 19 to 59 €.

Jewellery for sale at the La Saisonneraie collective boutique in Thueyts, on the online boutique, at exhibitions and at designer's markets.
Project realisation possible, to be discussed with the designer.
  • Pets accepted: Unknown

Libera bijoux

Mme Libera Julie
Libera Bijoux
5 rue de l'église
07330 Thueyts

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