Hiking : The Souilhol volcano - ©sourcesetvolcans
Hiking : The Souilhol volcano
Hiking : The Souilhol volcano
Hiking : The Souilhol volcano

Hiking in Meyras in Ardèche to the Souilhol volcano

Opening : All year round.

This itinerary from the totem Geopark of the Monts d'Ardèche after the Neyrac-ciné, leads you to the ascent of the Souilhol volcano and its panoramic view of the Monts d'Ardèche.

↔ Round-trip 3 Medium difficulty 🕒40″ 📏1,1km 📈+108m

Departure of the welcome panel at the bottom of the Souilhol volcano, at the geo-totem of the Parc des Monts d’Ardèche in Neyrac-les-Bains. After the thermal baths of Neyrac-les-Bains, follow the road towards “Jaujac” for 3,5km, then follow the sign towards “Souilhol/Seuzaret”. You’ll arrive at a small parking lot.

① Tackle the ascent with the stairs between the welcome panel and the Geopark totem. The trail climbs first in a rather clear moor before sinking into a chestnut grove. As you climb, you will come across volcanic bombs, sometimes only a few centimeters, sometimes several cubic meters.

② After a few tens of meters in a new wood, you approach the summit of Souilhol where an orientation table awaits you. The panorama is spectacular: the Ardèche mountain and the Chaumiène plateau to your left, the Ardèche and Lignon valley at your feet, Sainte-Marguerite, the Ventoux , The Jaujac volcano is clearly visible in the landscape to your right and finally the Tanargue massif that disappears behind the peaks of Ladenne and Courcoussat in your back.

③ Retrace your steps along the same path to the crossing of Souilhol, your starting point.

Departure/Arrival: Geo-totem of the Souilhol Volcano.

Communes crossed: Meyras/Neyrac-les-Bains.

Road access and car parks

At the crossing, the start is marked by a sign with instructions to follow and a Geopark totem.

Parking: Meyras, at the Souilhol parking lot.

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Free access.
  • Pets accepted: Unknown
  • Pets allowed (supplementary payment): Unknown

Hiking : The Souilhol volcano

Totem Geoparc
Parc Thermal
07380 Meyras

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