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From 02/06 to 07/06/2024.

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Discover the Ardèche and its natural resources. In 3 completely different geographical areas of the Ardèche, 5 natural sites 'must" to discover in guided hikes. 6 to 8 people. Grouping of individuals.

This hiking trip, '5 musts de l'Ardèche'', is guided by a mountain guide who takes you to discover the riches and diversity of a powerful territory where mountains, gorges, forests, rivers reveal themselves to make you vibrate with all their energies.

Very varied and nuanced territory, you appreciate 3 very different geological and natural entities.

The southern Ardèche, with Mediterranean influences, reveals all the splendor of its canyons and caves of the National Nature Reserve of the Gorges de l'Ardèche. The history of the Chauvet Cave, known worldwide for its cave paintings dating back more than 36,000 years and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will not leave you indifferent.

The high Cévennes or Cévennes Ardéchoises reveal steeper slopes where schist and granite compete to serve as a base for the inevitable and indispensable chestnut. Volcanic organs, waterfalls, clear rivers, natural basins, traditional stone hamlets, calades, pastoralism, everything is here in harmony with the surrounding nature.

And finally, the mountain of Ardèche where an incredible volcanic history manifests itself. Eastern edge of the central massif, it is here that the Loire takes its source at the foot of the Mont Gerbier de Jonc, on a high plateau where multiple volcanoes were erected. An authentic country with a mountain climate, shaped by farmers since the 12th century, unforgettable panoramas and the unmissable in-situ artistic route of water sharing await you.

Guillaume, your guide, invites you to share his passion for this country and these most secret and wild places.
This stay is offered in star* where warm welcome and quality are waiting for you. For you ,these are active and comfortable holidays that are waiting for you: transport on departure of hike assured, SPA, sauna and delicious dishes composed by the Inn with local products to make you taste the Ardèche by all the senses!

* return every late afternoon to the same accommodation

Day 1: Arrival at the Auberge de Montpezat-sous-Bauzon in Ardèche. Appointment and welcome in Montpezat-sous-Bauzon at 6pm. Around a local aperitif offered by your host, you will spend a friendly moment with your guide, host and other hikers.

Day 2: Montpezat «Between the Ardèche of butter and the Ardèche of oil». We go to discover Montpezat and its 5 volcanoes. This village full of history with exceptional heritage will charm you at the discretion of the proposed hikes. The hike follows the river Fonteaulière to the Vestide du Pal (one of the largest craters of Maar in Europe). The Cévennes offers the landscape a very particular mountain side. Country mule, we gradually immerse ourselves in the diversity of the Ardèche, contemplating landscapes and built heritage. Listen, the stones speak to us...

Approach by minibus. Distance hiking: 17.5 km - Ascent cumulation: 680 m - Descent cumulation: 680 m

Participants who do not wish to do the whole hike, can be picked up, on the course, by bus by the host.

Day 3: Jaujac and Thueyts «Feet in the Natural Regional Park of the Monts d'Ardèche! Between Volcano and River». We visit the village of Jaujac, the southernmost of the Hautes Cévennes in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Monts d'Ardèche. Chestnut trees, Mediterranean vegetation, and of course exceptional basalt organs (ranked among the most beautiful in Europe) shape this landscape around its young volcano cut. Many springs are present near Thueyts, including the famous gas and ferruginous spring of Peschier to taste for the most curious! And for the most motivated walkers, sumptuous mineral peaks are available to you such as the Pic Ladenne and the first reliefs of the Massif du Tanargue!

On the way back, we pass in an ancient Celtic city, Thueyts, with volcanic character (the whole village is on a lava flow!). We take a small tourist road along the ridges where exceptional panorama await you. We can also enter the heart of the crater of the Gravenne, now a haven of peace where lush vegetation to tame the lava.

Approach by minibus: 15 km - Distance hike: 13.5 km - Cumul ascent: 460 m - Cumul descent: 460m

Day 4: Massif Mézenc/Gerbier «Back to the roots». Exceptional mountain territory, where flora (more than 300 different species) and fauna are given pride of place! Marmots, Red Deer, Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle rub shoulders with a fabulous mountain flora, such as the great yellow gentian, the lily martagon or for lovers of good chairs, the emblem of the Fin Gras of Mézenc: the cistre (or fennel of the alps).

Cradle of the largest river in France, this territory is also the place of sharing, both by its waters (Atlantic and Mediterranean), and by its inhabitants. Magnificent artistic and cultural works have been made in the countryside, to represent with sensitivity and highlight this geographical line. The ascent of two volcanoes, Mont Mézenc (the highest point of the Ardèche with its 1753 meters of altitude) and Mont Gerbier de Jonc (at the sources of the Loire), offer us magnificent panoramas over part of the central massif and the Alps.

Minibus approach: 30 km - Distance: 13.5 km - Ascent total: 460 m - Descent total: 460 m

Day 5: Ailhon / Labeaume “Voyages dans les ères ...”. Ailhon: In the heart of the Piedmont Cévenol Ardéchois, we walk this old beach of 220 million years where the visible traces of dinosaurs come to testify of their presence. Celtic tertre, river, forest and ancient abbey will be revealed under your feet ... Labeaume, is a village located between limestone plateau, dominated by scrubland and aromatic vegetation. Labeaume, the river that runs through it, is at the origin of its name. Here, a whole host of stories awaits you... And it is not the famous Alphonse Daudet, a former resident of this charming village, who would say the opposite!

Minibus approach: 25 km - Distance: 14 km - Ascent total: 320 m - Descent total: 320 m

Day 6: We end this stay by the unmissable National Nature Reserve of the Gorges of the Ardèche. We let ourselves be amazed by this Pont d'Arc so particular and appreciate all the biodiversity and richness of this place, Vautour Percnoptère and Aigle de Bonelli have taken up residence on these steep hills crossed by the Ardèche, as well as our chief watercourse builder, the famous European beaver.
This stay of discovery of the Ardèche would not be complete without the visit, unavoidable, of the famous Grotte Chauvet 2 which will extend a little more this trip of another time.

Minibus approach: 50 km - Distance: 13 km - Ascent total: 500 m - Descent total: 500 m

This program is for information only; it can be modified by your guide to adapt to the group, weather conditions and availability of accommodation.
For information: All the circuits are adaptable according to the weather conditions, especially during heatwaves. We will stay on shaded circuits, by the river, and we will initiate, why not, to Rand'O (water hikes) on certain sectors.

Departure and return of hikes: Departure from the hostel: between 8h and 9h (depending on the days) / Return to the hostel: between 17h and 18h30 (depending on the days)

Level of hikes: Little difficult.
Equipment to be provided:
For the hike:
- Backpack 40 litres minimum
- High and waterproof hiking boots
- Gore-tex type jacket with hood
- Waterproof pants or overalls
- Trousers and walking shorts
- Fleece jacket
- 1 pair of gloves
- Bonnet
- Sunglasses
- Lip and skin protection
- A pair of gaiters

For meals:
- Cutlery, cup, plate, bowl, knife
- 1 or 2 gourds capacity 1,5 to 2 liters
- Water purification tablets

For the evening:
- Relaxing shoes for evening comfort
- Change of clothing
- Minimum of washrooms

For B&Bs or hotels:
- Sheets, blankets and towels provided

For your hiking needs:
- Essential: biodegradable toilet paper
- Biodegradable soap or cleansing gel
Small personal pharmacy (not to be confused with a field hospital):
- Analgesic (aspirin, Doliprane), vitamin C, elastoplast, adhesive dressings, double skin (Compeed), Quies balls
- Your personal medication...
A collective pharmacy is provided for the group.
Various: Sandals, walking sticks, camera, swimsuit...

From 07/04 to 12/04/2024
Adult: 985 €
Option: 40 to 95 € (In addition:
- Bus station transfer Aubenas: 40 € round trip
- Extra night in 1/2 board: 95 € / pers (base 2 pers)
- Cancellation insurance 40€/pers).

From 28/04 to 03/05/2024
Adult: 985 €
Option: 40 to 95 € (In addition:
- Bus station transfer Aubenas: 40 € round trip
- Extra night in 1/2 board: 95 € / pers (base 2 pers)
- Cancellation insurance 40€/pers).

From 12/05 to 17/05/2024
Adult: 985 €
Option: 40 to 95 € (In addition:
- Bus station transfer Aubenas: 40 € round trip
- Extra night in 1/2 board: 95 € / pers (base 2 pers)
- Cancellation insurance 40€/pers).

From 26/05 to 31/05/2024
Adult: 985 €
Option: 40 to 95 € (In addition:
- Bus station transfer Aubenas: 40 € round trip
- Extra night in 1/2 board: 95 € / pers (base 2 pers)
- Cancellation insurance 40€/pers).

From 02/06 to 07/06/2024
Adult: 985 €
Option: 40 to 95 € (In addition:
- Bus station transfer Aubenas: 40 € round trip
- Extra night in 1/2 board: 95 € / pers (base 2 pers)
- Cancellation insurance 40€/pers).

From 23/06 to 28/06/2024
Adult: 985 €
Option: 40 to 95 € (In addition:
- Bus station transfer Aubenas: 40 € round trip
- Extra night in 1/2 board: 95 € / pers (base 2 pers)
- Cancellation insurance 40€/pers).

The price does not include:
• Transportation to the meeting point in Montpezat-sous-Bauzon (or the Aubenas bus station) and return between these points and your home
• Transfer from Aubenas bus station 40 € Round trip (To be booked at the time of registration)
• Beverages and personal expenses
• Insurance
• Application fees/ registration: 15€ / pers

Options available:
Bus station transfer Aubenas: 40 € round trip/ return
Extra night in 1/2 board: 95 € / pers (base 2 pers)

Stay also accessible to more than 8 people, contact us for a quote.
  • Credit transfer
  • Car park
  • Parking
  • Tourist brochures
  • Tourist information
  • Booking obligatory
  • Full-board
  • Pets accepted: No
  • Pets allowed (supplementary payment): Unknown
  • English
  • French

Stay: 5 musts of hikes & discoveries in Ardèche

Auberge de Montpezat
10, Route de la Croisette
07560 Montpezat-sous-Bauzon

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