Artiste plasticien à Chirols en Ardèche

Opening : Every day throughout the year between 10 am and 5 pm.
Closed on Sunday.

Visual artist, art workshop leader and art therapist. A clinical psychologist by training, he has also been trained in art therapy. His graphics are based around mastered inks and the use of various traditional printing techniques.

Linocut, drypoint, monotype, silkscreen, letterpress and hand lettering; as well as diluted inks (watercolours, acrylics, India ink) are among the different techniques he uses.

Salam André invites you to enter his world through visits to his studio, classes and initiations.

SALAM's pseudonym comes from graffiti. From the drawing of a salamander to calligraphic work, SALAM André took his name!

Ever since those furtive sketches, his notebooks have been filled with black. The artist has always worked on letters. From infinite deformations on the sketchbooks of the time to research into old typography, SALAM has become a letter painter on signs and frontispieces.
This experience on increasingly large formats led him to take part in events by painting anamorphoses. The technique of projection onto raised surfaces then became an integral part of his graphic research. At the same time, his work on typefaces made him more aware of mechanical and traditional printing techniques. Initially creating alphabets, then using pangrams on different media, a series approach gradually took its place in the artist's techniques.

The linocut has helped to bring this research together, and has enabled SALAM to meet its public. Now exhibiting in galleries and at various cultural and artistic events, SALAM is pursuing her graphic research.

Monochrome is the artist's leitmotif, and he has mastered the use of ink in his etching work, before letting the ink express itself on the paper. Research into the absorption characteristics of paper, combined with the vagaries of ink dilution, has given rise to new landscapes in SALAM's work. Each dilution is taken up again in a figurative proposal that reminds the viewer of an element of reality, sometimes urban, sometimes distant...

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Sales in the workshop and at exhibitions.
Project prices on request following discussions with the customer.
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Salam André, artist-therapist

200 allée du Moulinage
07380 Chirols

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