Guided tours of Jaujac

Explore the captivating history and volcanic heritage of the characterful village of Jaujac on a tour lasting around 1h (available in French only). Nestling in the heart of the Cévennes hothouses, between the Ardèche’s most recent volcano and vast basalt flows, Jaujac is an enchanting place. The village takes its name from the ancient seigneury of Jaujac, which flourished in the 12th century and took up residence at the Château du Chastelas on the left bank of the river. As a star-shaped medieval village, Jaujac is built around a tree-lined square with a fountain.

This experience is free of charge and requires prior booking. The meeting point is in front of the Jaujac Tourist Office. Come and discover the history of this picturesque and unique village, and plunge into the past for an unforgettable experience. Available every Tuesday from June to September.

Visite de Jaujac

Nearby, you’ll discover sights such as the Coupe de Jaujac, the remains of an ancient volcano. Immerse yourself in the charm of Jaujac, where the medieval past blends with volcanic majesty to create an unforgettable getaway. The ‘Roman’ bridge at Chastelas offers a picturesque crossing over a tributary of the Lignon on the way to the spa town of Neyrac-Les Bains.