Loren Bes, the art of the line

A natural and overflowing imagination to create his next masterpiece, a precise pencil point, a brushstroke to add color and bring it to life: that’s the artist Loren Bes.

A willingness to share and transmit his expertise

Illustrator of children’s books and comic book artist, he unveils his works on various mediums and regularly exhibits throughout France and Switzerland.

Loren intervenes in schools and offers workshops for creating murals, books, or even animated films.

Aquarelle de Lauren Bes

Carte postale de Lauren Bes
Illustration de livre par Lauren Bes

Fine lines, precision, and meticulousness, as you may have noticed, Loren has an eye for detail. In his creations, each element matters and has a meaning.

Castagnades 2022

A desire to be part of the local scene

In 2021, Loren Bes won the creation call from the Regional Park of Monts d’Ardèche and thus created the poster for that year’s Castagnades, inspired by the Chadenac Tower that he contemplates from the window of his studio. A real success, he continues with the one for the 2022 edition, once again highlighting the generous nature.

With a foothold in the local scene, Loren intends to continue by soon offering watercolor splatter workshops and collective drawing classes for children and adults in his brand new studio.

Creating connections to feed his thoughts, reflections, and to be able to offer increasingly original works that reflect his personality is what motivates Loren in his artistic endeavors.

Step into the artist’s universe.

In his studio-gallery, Loren creates, exhibits, and sells books and original illustrations. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience.

Feel free to step into his studio if you want to discover this artist with multiple talents.

Guitar de Loren Bes
Poissons de Lauren Bes
Toiles de Loren Bes
Livre illustré par Loren Bes
Atelier / Galerie de Lauren Bes
Portrait de Loren Bes

M. Loren BES
790 route du bouix
07330 Barnas
+336 89 91 34 47
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