Saint Bénézet Chapel - ©Mairiedeburzet

Saint Bénézet Chapel

Le Villard
07450 Burzet

Historic site and monument in Burzet, Ardèche

Opening : All year round, daily.

This 18th century chapel is dedicated to Saint Bénézet, Burzétin shepherd who became famous for having built the Pont d'Avignon.

This chapel was built in 1727-1728 in honor of St Bénézet, Villard, hamlet of Burzet where he is from. St Bénézet, named Benoît Chautard, was born between 1155 and 1160, in the house which is today the oldest of the hamlet, built of local stone. Legend has it that in 1177, while guarding the sheep of his mother, Jesus Christ, appears to him and asks him to bridge the Rhone. He leaves for Avignon. When he arrives, he has to prove his determination, and manages to move a stone that thirty men could not lift. He manages to raise the financial means to build the bridge and buys next to a house to accommodate travelers and the sick. Saint Bénézet also founded the Community of the Brothers of the work of the Bridge whose mission is to collect alms to maintain the bridge. A pilgrimage takes place in July in Villard.