Producer in Saint-Cirgues-de-Prades, Ardèche

Opening : All year round, daily.

Christine makes her own biscuits and offers a wide range of sweet and savoury products: 100% chestnut flour biscuits with fruit, wafers, half-baked biscuits and savoury biscuits such as crisps and chestnut flour aperitifs.

Christine also makes her own chestnut cream, with or without chips, plain chestnut cream and Liège waffles. You'll also find jams made with fruit from her own garden.

Soft biscuits made with 100% PDO chestnut flour (strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, chestnut, kiwi, boletus, Timut pepper/5 berries). Each flavour is represented by its letter and shape.
Mi-cuits 100% chestnut flour :
* Granny apple, cinnamon with hazelnuts and lavender honey.
* blueberry, lavender honey.
* chocolate chips, roasted walnuts and lavender honey.
Chestnut flour wafers with hazelnut, wild strawberry or acacia flower crunch.
Liège waffles with chestnut flour and pearl sugar.
Meringues with chestnut cream.
Making savoury biscuits with chestnut flour:
White Aperitif Champ with 6 chestnut flour flavours (Greek-style olives, red beetroot, cheese, porcini mushrooms, curry/fennel, timut pepper/5 berries).
Chestnut flour crisps (garlic, paprika, Herbes de Provence)
Chestnut flour crisps (paprika, Herbes de Provence)
Chestnut flour crisps (Greek-style olive, Herbes de Provence)

Chestnut flour (mainly Pourette).

As well as sweet and savoury biscuits, I make other products from my garden, such as :
Olives in brine and flavoured with bay leaf and rosemary, spices.

Jams :
Blueberries, redcurrants, redcurrant jelly, grape jelly, plums, mirabelles, cherries, peaches, peaches/passion fruit, figs, figs/passion fruit, persimmons, apricots.

Also: dried persimmons, dried bay leaves.

Large pack of 9 flavours (270g): €11
Small pack of 9 flavours (135g): €6
Half-baked (140g): €8.50
Wafers (100g) hazelnut or wild strawberry or acacia flower: €5.50
Aperitif Champ Blanc (100g): €5.50
Chips (80g) with garlic (or without garlic), paprika, Herbes de Provence: €5.50
Chips (80g) paprika, Herbes de Provence: €5.50
Greek-style olive crisps (80g), Herbes de Provence: €6.00
Chestnut cream with pieces: (360g): €8.00 and from 2 jars €7.50 per jar
Plain chestnut cream without pieces: (360g): 7.50€ and from 2 jars 7.00€ per jar
Chestnut flour (500g): €12.00 (Pourette)

Homemade meringue with chestnut cream (60g): €6.50

Jams 240g jar
Apricot: €5.50
Blueberry: €6.00
Redcurrant: €6.00
Redcurrant jelly: €8.00
Grape jelly: €8.00
Plum: €5.50
Mirabelle plum: €6.00
Peach: €5.50
Peach, passion fruit: €7.00
Fig: €6.00
Fig, passion fruit: €7.00
Persimmon: €6.00
Cherry: €6.00

Dried persimmon (60g): €4.00
Dried laurel (25g): €5.00
Jar of Olives in brine, flavoured (360g): €5.00.
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  • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance

Biscuits Champ Blanc d'Ardèche

348 Route de Paillette
07380 Saint-Cirgues-de-Prades

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